6+ Safe Ways on How to make money with Tumblr

6+ Safe Ways on How to make money with Tumblr | tinobusiness
6+ Safe Ways on How to make money with Tumblr | tinobusiness

If you’ve heard of Tumblr, you’ve probably seen the potential you have to make money with this network as flexible and customizable. After publishing our guide: What is Tumblr, we have received many questions about how to use this site to make money. In this comprehensive guide shows you how to make money Tumblr safely and effectively.


How to make money with Tumblr

Making Money with Tumblr is easier than you think. You can earn extra income by using this social network similar to the method of our guide to make money with a blog. This platform of “microblogging” can open the door to a new opportunity to follow these tips.

How to make money with Tumblr is possible. However, you should know that you will not see revenue overnight. According to many users they have been able to make money from home and work Internet, generally will not see revenue in the first 3-6 months and Tumblr is no exception.

When you have written enough blogs quality and useful content on your site Tumblr, you’ll start making money if you follow the methods shown below. Here are different ways you can make money online by using Tumblr.



1. Make Money with Tumblr: Build your audience

The success to make money online with Tumblr depend on the type of audience you have. This part is extremely important because your audience will be the foundation for how to make money on Tumblr.

This does not mean that if you have 1,000 visitors to your Tumblr page, you’ll have 1,000 people who will earn you money. Rather, it means you stand a chance these people will produce money in a passive way. It is estimated that each visitor, only 1% to 5% will do something for you to win money.

For example, if you put ads on your page and you pay $ 0.05 per click, for every 100 people that click on your website you will earn $ 5 (or the equivalent in your local currency). This means that to make $ 50 with Tumblr, you need a minimum of 50,000 visits.

Of course, this is a hypothetical scenario and is not true for all sites in Tumblr. It is therefore important to build an audience, because when you combine a good audience with a good site, you can maximize your earnings.


2. How to make money with Tumblr: ads on your page

The most common way to make money with Tumblr’s ads on your page. Some of the companies used to place more advertisements are:

Google Adsense is perhaps the most popular among these companies because it is a reliable company. However, Adsense has many strict requirements that you must meet to be approved, and also worth considering other options as well.




3. Making money on Tumblr: Affiliate Programs

You can make money on Tumblr with affiliate programs to help online stores or websites to sell their products and get paid for every sale between 4-5% of the sales price of the product.

It’s a win-win. The most popular affiliate program available today is provided by Amazon.

The Amazon affiliate program with Google Adsense is the most common for those who want to make money online and get some extra money, especially if your blog will convince readers to buy the product advertised on your blog page combination. Other affiliate programs you can use is Clickbank.



4. Make Money with Tumblr: Uploading money

If you have useful that many people would download files, you can convert them into cash. This way to make money with Tumblr pays you for every download you get (by posting links using your Tumblr page).

By far, the most popular cargo carriers who pay for their files are Rapidgator and DepositFiles. Obviously, files must be legal and you must have the rights to distribute, and otherwise would be contributing to piracy.


5. How to make money on Tumblr: URLs or links Shrinks

Add URL or link from your sites can Tumblr another way to make money online.Whenever people click on your link, they will see an advertisement, equivalent to a gain for you.

Two of the most popular companies that offer these services are Adf.ly and LinkBucks.com. Two of these companies pay $ 4 per 1000 clicks on your URL and the minimum payment is $ 10.

At this point, it is noteworthy that Adfoc.us is a scam. It has become very popular lately because of the alleged payment lot, only to discover later that it is a complete waste of time, because when you finally reach the amount of the minimum payment, you do not pay.


6. Make Money with Tumblr: Upload photos to your page

This is perhaps the best way to make money with Tumblr. All you have to do is upload an image and a link to an external source. When someone clicks on the picture, automatically they will make you earn money.

To do this, you just have to register and make an account with a service like ImageTwist.




Tips to make money with Tumblr

Before you start thinking about making money with Tumblr, you must first focus on getting as many followers as possible; and not only supporters but followers of quality that will actually read your blogs.

In most cases if you do not have a Tumblr page with good content, most advertising companies will reject your application because only approve blog sites that will not ruin your reputation.

Another point to consider: Do not underestimate the power of appearance on Tumblr. The color theme of your page is basically your personality on this site, so you should pay close attention. You will get more readers if you have a blog site with an impressive artistic flair.


More ways to make money with Tumblr

These are just some of the ways you can earn money through Tumblr. All these strategies can only be successful if your page has a large number of visitors, which can only achieve this with a high prompt publishing great content and high quality.

We hope our guide will be a good starting point to start making money online with Tumblr and can take advantage of this site to make extra money. Remember that if you have doubts or questions about how to start making money, you can leave a question in the bottom.




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