6 + How to use your computer to make money from home

6 + How to use your computer to make money from home | tinobusiness
6 + How to use your computer to make money from home | tinobusiness

The computers have become a cash machine to work at home if you’re willing to put some time and effort. If you are looking to earn a few dollars or a few hundred dollars, you can work from home on your computer and generate an income. Exercises caution, however, that relations with you not to make you rich quick scam.


1. If you are planning to sell your used items, your own designs or new items, this is a way to start earning money with your computer. Web sites such as eBay, Craigslist, iOffer, Overstock.com, Amazon.com, page CafePress, eCRATER.com and offer markets to sell your items. If you are selling used items or new, begins with eBay or iOffer (site that accepts bids and a place for trading). Amazon.com is good for more specialized items. Craigslist is great for local sales, but beware of deals too good to be true. Zazzle and CafePress offer a market for your designs. Whatever you’re selling, you can do with your computer.


2. Surveys and offers. There are websites that pay their members for taking surveys or offers. CashCrate.com is a paying people for completing offers listed on their website site. Some offers require you to spend money, while others are also CashCrate you get paid for referring people to your site to make money. SurveySpot.com, Greenfield Online and SurveySavvy.com offer money to members for completing surveys. This is not a way to get rich, but cash-generating for you.



3. Writing online. You can earn money from home by writing online. Passive income sites (where you write an article that continues to gain money month after month) include eHow.com, Examiner.com, Suite101.com, Associated Content, HubPages, Squidoo and more. In most cases, paid directly to your PayPal account on a monthly basis, provided the amount payable scope. Some sites pay per item. These include Demand Studios, Content and Associated Content. These sites pay a fixed amount per item.


4. Blogs and affiliate marketing. Although blogs or have your own website requires writing, many people make money with affiliate marketing. Sites like Google Adwords, BidVertiser, Clickbank, LinkShare and Commission Junction offer the opportunity to display ads on your site. You make money anytime for clicks on the ads on your site traffic or make a purchase through them.

This requires a computer with a little coding skills, such as the insertion of banners or links on your blogs. Most offer advertising services defined link generators, making this easier. With blogger, however, you can easily start a blog, build traffic and make money with a little less effort if you can be accepted into the Google AdWords program. That is why it is important to generate traffic to your site before applying for an account.


5. Independent work. If you are a photographer, writer, typist or have other skills, you can find an online freelance work. Many photo sites buy photographs. Elance is a good search engine to find an independent work, but charges a fee.

Sites like eWork.com and GoFreelance.com are also good places to start looking.


6. Teleworking. Some companies offer their employees the opportunity to work from home via telecommuting if you have a computer. Ask your employer if this is an option, if not, check out or Alpine Access to Hire My Mom places available. Many people make a consistent income working at home on your computer. With effort and hard work, you can do it too.



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