6+ How to insert AdSense code in WordPress

6+ How to insert AdSense code in WordPress | tinobusiness
6+ How to insert AdSense code in WordPress | tinobusiness

The ads that are strategically positioned and oriented by keywords have a better chance that people will click on them compared to ads that are placed where visitors do not notice them. By placing AdSense ads on your WordPress blog, the blog posts themselves are an obvious choice, as your readers spend most of their attention, if not all, reading your posts. Try different types of AdSense ad units in various places of your tickets and remember to use the channels AdSense to help you track the performance of your ads.

How to insert AdSense code in a publication of a WordPress blog


1. Sign in Google AdSense and click on “My Ads” to access your AdSense ads. Click “Get code” under the name you want to put ads on WordPress. Click on the text when the popup is opened and then click the right mouse button and choose “Copy” to copy the code. Click “Close”.



2, Log into WordPress. Click “Appearance” and “Editor”. When loading the theme editor, click on “Single Message (single.php)” or a similar name within “Templates” to the right of the page.

3. Find a similar or identical to the following code in the PHP file line. Note that the line “the_content” indicates where the content of the blog is: <php the_content (‘<p class = “serif”> Read the rest of this post </ p>’); ?>


4. Click on that line of code if you want the AdSense ad appears on the content of the entry. Instead click below that line of code if you want the AdSense ad is displayed below or after the content of the publication.


5. Write the HTML code to create the code format before inserting it. For example, type “<center>” without the quotes to make sure the ad is in the middle when you place it.


6. Click the right mouse button and then choose “Paste” or press “Control” and “V” simultaneously to paste the AdSense code. Close the label or HTML tags you’ve added.For example, type “</ center>” to close the “<center>”.


7. Click “Update File”.


8. Enter the web address of your WordPress blog in the browser address bar to go to it, or click on your name in the upper left part of the WordPress administration page. Click on any entry to check how is the AdSense ad. It may initially appear blank space because some time is required to generate ads based on keywords in your post.


Tips & Warnings

  • Instead of placing the AdSense ad unit either above or below your posts in WordPress, you can insert the ad at the top left of the first paragraph. Create a table with HTML code, such as “” and insert the code between the “” and “”. Choose an ad that fits in the publication, as a small square or rectangular ad.
  • You can also use AdSense to WordPress supplements if you do not want to edit the code.


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