5+1 Elements to help you persuade your customers effectively

5+1 Elements to help you persuade your customers effectively | tinobusiness.com
5+1 Elements to help you persuade your customers effectively | tinobusiness.com

Whenever we are faced with a client we use different strategies to achieve the long-awaited “YES”. Sometimes we were victorious and sometimes are not going so well … What motivates people to say “Yes”? How can we be more effective when interacting with customers?

Well, behind these and many other questions, there is a science that for more than 60 years has studied our behavior to identify those factors that influence us to say “yes”.

In the following video called “Science of Persuasion” developed by Robert Cialdini and Steve Martin, you can appreciate some of the fascinating discoveries that have been made about this issue and find the 6 factors that influence us to say “YES” . Take note!

Science of Persuasion (video)

6 Factors that influence us to say “YES”

One of the most important skills that every leader and every entrepreneur must possess is the ability to influence on others. It is not an easy skill to develop, but given its importance we must strive to be more persuasive and influencer, but the big question is how?

A good advantage in location is the six elements of persuasion that we saw in the video, which are scientifically proven. Here we list each of them and invite you to take them into account when to advertise and when you should negotiate and interact with your customers.

5+1 Elements to help you persuade your customers effectively | tinobusiness.com

    1. Reciprocity is a universal principle based on the give to get. Every time you give something to someone, that person will automatically feel in your debt and significantly increase the chances of influencing it.
    2. Shortage: Humans tend to appreciate things more when we are about to lose them. The idea is to create your customers feel  must say “yes” or will soon lose the opportunity to get your offer or your product.
    3. Authority: People are more easily swayed; people who demonstrate significant experience or knowledge as the product or service in which you are interested.
    4. Consistency: This principle works looking for volunteers, active and public commitments, even making it the same person who write it, then make willing to perform more complex actions.
    5. Sympathy: People leave/give up more easily if influenced by people who fail to do well. Take action to look for similarities between you and your customer, flatter or make them feel that you really want to help them have a positive effect on your goal to persuade.
    6. Consensus : Another interesting element that can take advantage is to show your customers that other people have already performed the action that you wanted them to perform. Here we do not take our own ability to persuade, but we use mass actions of people to influence the decisions of a person.

Interesting, right? … Now the invitation is to put in place strategies that take advantage of these elements and secure your effectiveness in selling will increase significantly.

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