6 cities to start a business that will become the next Silicon Valley

6 cities to start a business that will become the next Silicon Valley | tinobusiness.com
6 cities to start a business that will become the next Silicon Valley | tinobusiness.com

Silicon Valley is the best-known part of the world to gather in one point, a lot of companies and startups successful technology; however, there are other cities that are emerging with great potential to start a business.

With the collaboration portal Lamudi & Gananci, we have compiled a list of six cities most promising emerging markets to become the next capital for startups.




Medellin, Colombia


The cultural capital of Colombia was named city of innovation in 2012 by the publication Wall Street Magazine and Citibank. In the past 20 years they have built libraries public, parks, schools and museums, as well as transport links the suburbs to downtown.

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Leaders like Diego Angel, creator of Angel Studios, and one of the designers of video games largest in the world, helps young entrepreneurs to establish their startups to promote rapid technological growth of the city.





Amman, Jordan

In the Middle East it is growing entrepreneurial awareness , and the Jordanian capital, Amman , leads the focus of startups in the region. The government has invested in infrastructure , education and new legislation allowing Jordan have one of the cheapest cities to start a business.

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This country has the best Internet connectivity in the Middle East, and although women in the labor market remain a controversial issue, the startups digital have allowed them to start a business.

This is the case of Fida Taher, founder of Zaytouneh (“olive” in Arabic), one of the startups most successful where it offers cooking videos showing only the ingredients and their hands in the process of preparation.





Lahore, Pakistan

Since 2012 there has been a change substantially in the outlook for startups in Pakistan. Lahore , the capital city, is especially interesting because of its urban development, to which are added industrial areas, universities and airport.

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Its strong infrastructure has helped create a dynamic market for entrepreneurs , launching exciting new business ideas. With a young population (66% are under 30), Lahore has the potential to becomeone of the centers of innovation of the world’s largest.





Mexico City , Mexico

One of the giants of the economy in Latin America and even the world. It is one of the cities most populated in the world with a potential domestic market that demands more and better online services due to high Internet penetration among its inhabitants, as well as the proliferation of mobile telephony .

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A lot of companies have decided to set to operate in Mexico City, this town became the regional center for Latin America and an ideal point to start a business.





Jakarta, Indonesia

Jakarta is known for being one of the largest cities in the world, where a skyscraper after another stands in the sky of the city by the massive demand for spaces.

The middle class of the country is coming to town, bringing a strong purchasing power, a high penetration of smartphones and high demand for online services, resulting in a market scan for startups technology.

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This rapid growth has also made Jakarta is home to numerous startups focused on travel, commerce and lifestyle, including Lamudi.com.mx , which was launched in late 2013.






Lagos, Nigeria

Nigeria has taken the lead as the largest economy in Africa. Lagos, the most populous city with 20 million people, illustrates the strong economic development.

It is also the second fastest growing city in Africa and the seventh in the world, part of the countries MINT (Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey).

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It is a unique place to start a business by high technology specialty innovation and development, driven by the growth of the country, the middle class affinity toward technology and the vast online population of 45 million users.

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