5+2 Tips Neuromarketing | Sell more | Business Tips

5+2 Tips Neuromarketing | Sell more | Business Tips | tinobusiness.com
5+2 Tips Neuromarketing | Sell more | Business Tips | tinobusiness.com

Neuromarketing campaigns should consider the primitive aspects of the brain and responses to primary stimuli, according to an article Bussiness KnowHow, posed to be campaigns that appeal to elements that stimulate direct sales.

The first thing to consider is that the primitive brain is more susceptible to emotional elements that logical operations, ie to advertise better to associate a product to unquantifiable elements that are defining when buying.


5+2 Tips Neuromarketing | Sell more | Business Tips | tinobusiness.com
5+2 Tips Neuromarketing | Sell more | Business Tips | tinobusiness.com

In this sense, it is also important to consider that the pilot of the brain mode moves basically seeking pleasure and avoiding pain, ie people react, fearing the loss of a much deeper way than it does to get some benefit.

This premise implies that advertisers must submit centered in joy and pleasure to call consumers to purchase an item that meets the fear of pain messages.


When run campaigns is also important to know that the announcement should be structured in a beginning and an end, and these should be directed to the consumer experience a positive and lasting impression.

Also advertisers should consider the images as they generate quick responses that are processed and directing the formation of memories extracted from texts and determine, as occurs when meeting someone and the “first impression “determines a relationship.

In the previous article tonic advises advertisers focus their promotions in pleasure as this appeases the possible pain that may cause the price and that in this sense the reduced packaging, offers and direct marketing become important.

Also consider these proposals call advertising in the tangible, physical and specific aspects of a product as they are perceived in a more direct way than when appeals to concepts such as happiness or well-being in more vague terms.

Finally, it is important to consider that there are cultural variations that affect these processes and determine what is good for campaigns adapted to the different regions and linguistic aspects involved.



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