5+1 Tools/Application for a Business Plan | Business Tricks and Tips

5+1 Application for a Business Plan | Business Tricks and Tips | tinobusiness.com

There are currently various applications and tools that you may find helpful in the work of making a business plan. From mobile apps to full online platforms.

In this post I wanted to collect some applications and resources aimed to make your entrepreneur life easier when planning your business. Some options are completely free and others offer free basic plans with the possibility of accessing more complete functionality for a monthly fee.

Remember to give a revised our “section Business “, there you will find many free resources and tools that will be of great help to develop your business plan.


enloop 5+1 Application for a Business Plan | Business Tricks and Tips | tinobusiness.com

is an online intelligent application asking you some basic information and data of your company through some indicators and analyzes to predict the financial performance of the same. Enloop automatically generates projections of sales, income and expenses, cash flow and overall balance sheet. Each of the reports are supplemented with graphics and other visual elements that facilitate analysis. The platform Enloop also provides access to customized models to build on and go write your own business plan. The application has several plans to use, including free one that offers the possibility of developing a plan that can then download in pdf for printing and sharing. Other plans range from $ 6 a month and let you access more complete and advanced options.



ebusinessplan.com 5+1 Application for a Business Plan | Business Tricks and Tips | tinobusiness.com


It is a free online tool that can create and manage your business plan. The application offers different tools to create a dynamic and professional plan pictorial support and help texts.



Sample-business-plans 5+1 Application for a Business Plan | Business Tricks and Tips | tinobusiness.comit is the website of a company that develops software solutions to support entrepreneurs in the process of planning of the business. On this site you can find some free resources, templates, guides and even 500 free examples of plans business that you can use to your liking. In addition, the company has created Live Plan an application online to help you make your business plan.



It is a free app for iOS devices including a step by step wizard to guide you through the process of writing your business plan. The app also examples of plans developed by professionals, videos, a tutorial business strategies and tools for beginners. If you need more complete functionality, StratPad offers versions Plus, Premium and Platinum, each with features aimed at different stakeholders.


Simulator business plans 

An online simulator created by the government of Spain in order to allow entrepreneurs assess their business ideas and projects and increase the chances of success when they start the initiative. Just register and You can create a company to play with different scenarios and thus verify important aspects of a business and how much money you need to start, when will your investment, etc.


5+1 Application for a Business Plan | Business Tricks and Tips | tinobusiness.com

It is a web tool that allows entrepreneurs develop their business plans easily and quickly through a friendly interface that guides you step by step. It includes templates and models that can be edited and adapted to suit the entrepreneur.

Have you used any of these applications and you want to share your experience? Do you know any other application, or interesting resource tool for business plans that you want to recommend us? Please leave your comment.




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