5+ What are the duties of a concierge?

5+ What are the duties of a concierge? | tinobusiness
5+ What are the duties of a concierge? | tinobusiness

In a simple way, the  work  of a concierge is to meet customer needs. The more elegant is the property or business, concierge receives more tasks. The customer requests can be anything from finding a couple of well-placed for a concert out to investigate the best tickets  restaurant  of  food  Moroccan city. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual income of a concierge is US $ 2,760 but this could not include tips. A good concierge can earn from $ 50,000 to a  figure  of six digits, including tips, according to an article in Condé Nast Traveler.


Concierge Hospitality

The role of a concierge in a hotel or apartment building is sharper than that of a personal concierge service. The concierge usually has a desk in the hotel lobby or elegant building departments. Tasks in a hotel may include making dinner reservations, give directions, buy tickets hard to find, book tours or find a doctor to go home. Most hotel concierges have a kind of network of contacts developed at the hotel. For example, if a guest wants to go to a concert or show for which there are no tickets, concierge usually can get by calling the ticket agency that the hotel used regularly.


The hotel concierge often serves as a liaison between departments and between the host and other businesses. For example, if a guest does not get your luggage on time waiter or cannot get to the spa for an appointment, they could ask the concierge to work on this. Often, in a busy hotel, the desk agent sent to a host with the concierge to call an airline. The concierges departments perform similar tasks for residents as get a taxi or find a personal shopper.

Personal concierge services

Personal concierge services focus on affluent customers and act as assistants “for all” a phone call away. Often, corporations pay big bucks for personalized concierge services. The phrase of these expensive services is often “no matter what it takes.” Tasks may include articles dealing with dry cleaning, limousine service, cell phone service in a foreign country, appointments with personal shoppers, personal chef service and get tickets to the theater or reserve a table at a restaurant.

Better service

The difference between a good and a superb concierge is often your contact list. If you’re one of the best hotel concierges, for example, not only will your network of contacts in the hotel but also your own personal contacts that can help solve situations for guests. Fluency in more than one language also helps.

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