5 ways to make money without leaving your apartment building

5 ways to make money without leaving your apartment building | tinobusiness

Earning money in your spare time doing menial tasks or have a second job can be great ways to make extra money, but they can also challenge both your energy levels and your pocket.

Move to your second job or buy lunch from home because she did not have time to prepare at home can decrease your earnings, making you wonder if you’re really earning extra money.

However, if you’re lucky to live in a building of apartments or flats, there are a number of methods by which you can get money without even having to leave your site.


5 ways to make money without leaving your building


1. Care of pets


If you live in a building where pets are allowed, you will be surrounded by pet lovers (remember: there are many apartment buildings which do not allow even have a puppy).

Trips can be extended, can chafarse plans, and even the most devoted of his pet owner can have an incident in which it is impossible to care for your dog or pet cat. And this is where you come in to save the day.

and keep an eye on a cat once or twice per day requires minimal effort and also money, you can have the added benefit of making a furry friend (if you like cats, of course).  To take care of a dog? Frequent trips will have to leave your building, but it can be a breath of fresh air if yours is working from home.

Think charge a small amount to your new customers: $ 10 per day if you take care of a cat and $ 20 per day if the animal is a dog.


2. Care of children

Do you have experience working with children? Do you have a professional certificate of care for small or some other evidence that are reliable? If so, you could become the most popular among young adults and their busy parents in your neighborhood.

This is a task that you have to engage more with caring for pets (expect children to speak and lend more attention to animals) but the rewards can be enormous.

Apart from being able to work at home, you’ll earn $ 20 an hour for supervising a child that will surely go to bed early or a nap take in the afternoon with which you will have to make a minimal effort at the time to take care .

Ask your neighbors with children if they require your services, or paste a poster on your site offering care for their children if they have any unforeseen event.


3. Care of a house

Leaving aside pets and children, some travelers just want to take care of the little things from home. Collect your mail or packages neighbors and watering their plants are probably more tasks can easily run.

5 ways to make money without leaving your apartment building | tinobusiness


So if once you know that someone in your apartment building is going to go on a trip , or if you know a neighbor that commute much, offer to take care of your home for a flat fee as may be $ 20 for a week.


4. Assistance removals

Are you willing to make your muscles work ? Some neighbors may have the feeling that they do not have enough belongings and not worth hiring a moving company.

But the nerves of having to do this themselves they also can be a problem; so having an extra pair of hands to help them can – literally – take away a load off.

Working from home with this method? You will not need to come out of your building for that: you can help people to move their things from their homes to cars or trucks that are parked on the street to move to another home.

5 ways to make money without leaving your apartment building | tinobusiness

Or, if you have new neighbors, help them unpack and settle in thir building. This is a great opportunity to get to know them and talk to new people and of course, to make money from home.

How much to charge? It depends on how many possessions they have and the effort required to move them. If you have a lot of furniture heavy and difficult to down (or up), about $ 45 per hour would be an appropriate rate.

If the amount is less and are lightweight objects (such as small lamps, some books, a small armchair, etc.) than normal would be about $ 30 per hour.


5. Receiving visits

Do you have a spare room or a roommate will be out a long time? Although your apartment is small, sure you have a mattress that can offer.

Search agencies in your city that are dedicated to bringing together people like you with travelers who need only a place to sleep one night , and you could win between 35 to 45 US dollars for each of these people. (in other words, airbnb.com is the best option)

If you are someone social and have space to share, this may be one of the best ways to make money to pay your rent – but always ask your home first to see if you allow it.


How to get your “customers” with these methods

The “word of mouth” is by far the best choice to make others know that you are available for such tasks. A happy neighbor have become your customer can refer you to another resident of your building and that good references are always essential.

Is there a bulletin board in your community? Do not be afraid to advertise your services. People love to receive help if near his home. Make contact easy by giving your email address or your phone number.

5 ways to make money without leaving your apartment building | tinobusiness

No need to put the floor in which you live, but be sure to mention that you reside in that building . Once you’ve already got your first customers, reported on the bulletin board at the times you are available.

Are you going to stay home during the holidays? Then be sure to put in mailboxes or post on the bulletin board a reminder about the services you offer; that way, your neighbors remember you’re there and go calmer travel if they decide to hire you.


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