5+ Tip How to build/open an online travel agency

5+ Tip How to build/open an online travel agency | tinobusiness
5+ Tip How to build/open an online travel agency | tinobusiness

See how to set up a travel agency and online tourism. What are the options available in the market for those who want to mount an online travel agency with a low initial investment and a great potential for growth.

For those who want to know how to build an online travel agency, our team analyzed the options available in the market and developed a number of alternatives. The sale of tourist packages through the Internet is here to stay in the digital culture, and that creates a lot of opportunities.

Although the sector of the Internet tour packages sales are on the rise, many people still did not venture for that lucrative market because we did not have the slightest idea of how to build an online travel agency, challenge that can be much easier to be won than you might think.

The advantages of setting up an online travel agency

Rather than spending your capital to store gloves, renovations, furniture and other expenses of the physical world, an online travel agency does not require a very large initial capital. Low investment is undoubtedly to spare a big plus for those who want to set up a travel agency on the Internet.

Another big plus for those who want to mount an OTA – Online Travel Agencie, they are also known to virtual travel agents, that is the kind of business you can set up and run by a Home Office. In short, join the advantages of low initial investment with the convenience of working from home.

The options for mounting a virtual travel agency

Moving on to the operational part itself, to clarify that want to know how to build an online travel agency, we can start by saying that there are basically two models for this type of business:

  • Online travel agency franchises
  • Outsourced platforms tourism agency
  • Own platform online travel agency

The three choices lead to the same destination, creating an Internet travel agency, but in terms of structure and return the difference is very large. So let’s see what are its main features.

Online travel agency franchise

This is a model that has been gaining ground in recent times. The entrepreneur can purchase a travel agency franchise and rely on the technological support provided by the franchiser as an online vendors and platform.

How are Home Based franchises, the option of working from home is a great advantage and also weighs because it involves a very small initial investment.

For those who are wondering how to put together an online travel agency, this could be a very interesting and fast way. Some examples are the franchise Find Your Trip and armchair, two well-known options in the market.

Outsourced platforms online travel agency

This is another model being evaluated why you want to know how to build an online travel agency. It is somehow a bit like the previous model, only has franchise formatting.

In this model, it actually hires the online travel agency platform offered by the company, in a model known as SAAS – Software as a Service, or you rent the company’s system, a well-known format in the world of online business.

In this model, like the one offered by the Digital Operator, the company in addition to providing the online tickets for sale of platform also is responsible for providing the services to be offered in your virtual travel agency.

Own platform online travel agency

The third option for those in search of the answer to the question of how to build an online travel agency is the platform itself. In this model you will have your own travel agency platform, without depending on anyone or having to pay any amount for the use of it.

You must be wondering what it would cost- too expensive agree? In fact you can create your online travel agency using the WordPress platform, an easy and versatile system for creating any type of website. The options are many and you can create the travel agency site that you want.

A good idea in this model is to work on two fronts. The first is the online travel agency itself, the second is a site content, as the model that is being adopted by the website Trip to Orlando.

In this model, it will work differently from the previous two. Instead of having a franchise or company that offers packages for you, you need to join some affiliate programs that offer you the advertisers, as Decolar.Com, Hotel Urbano, Tam, Blue and many others.


What do I need to set up an online travel agency?

Below Images are the answer that has been answered on quora

5+ Tip How to buildopen an online travel agency

Download the presentation file for the online travel agency software by clicking HERE |  How to setup online travel agency


As you can see, with a low initial investment can enter the lucrative world of selling package tours via the Internet. If you want to know how to build an online travel agency, the options are these. Which one is your favorite?

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