5+ Things to consider on advertising in a magazine

5+ Things to consider on advertising in a magazine | tinobusiness
5+ Things to consider on advertising in a magazine | tinobusiness

For any business, advertising is a very important method of marketing goods and services to the public. Although there are many places to advertise and print advertising in magazines sold by subscription and on newsstands is one of the most popular. Advertising rates vary with each magazine, however, an advertiser should become familiar with potential market specific magazine and its success in attracting a loyal and regular public.


The market for advertising in magazines

Magazine publishers set advertising rates, following a market like any other good or service. The wider audience, the higher advertising rates. Advertisers must also remember that rates can be negotiated. The magazines give discounts for multiple “buy”, once the ads cost more, while the lowest rates are for those who will commit to a full year of advertising.

Ad Specifications

The magazines offer advertising space according to the type of (visual or classified) ad if the color and the amount of space the ad occupies on the page is used. An ad of a full page, full color, is the most expensive, while the middle pages are also available. The columns of the magazines are measured in inches and publicize the width of a single column that it is sold by the column inch. Two pages are also available.


Advertisers can also book high-quality places, such as the back cover, or the front. These positions are always full-page ads, ads for colors and cost a premium because it is understood to be within reach of more people. The higher the general circulation of the magazine, the rates are higher. For example, a full-page ad in four colors on the cover Vanity Fair cost around $ 212,000. A four-color ad in third page will cost you around $ 70,000 in 2011. If you are working with an advertising agency, the magazine will pay a commission of this “gross” rate to the agency.



The magazines offer discounts for advertising to be submitted in electronic form and ready to print. Additional fees are charged if their own art departments have to compose and prepare the ad to the advertiser specifications. Advertisers or their agencies should send text, photos, logos and artwork.

Extras and several

Magazines charge extra for various features, such as folding pages known as gatefolds, smell strips and bound inserts. Fares are available by request from a press kit directly to the editor or in rates website of the magazine. There are also websites that offer comprehensive information on current rates of advertising through search and indexes with hyperlinks.


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