5+ Steps to help grow your brand on YouTube

5+ Steps to help grow your brand on YouTube | tinobusiness
5+ Steps to help grow your brand on YouTube | tinobusiness

YouTube is an ideal way to communicate with the audience, let them know about your brand and products platform. This applies not only to large companies but also for small businesses.

Advantages of being online

From the business perspective, YouTube offers two key advantages: easy hearing and to develop marketing and advertising strategies. Regarding the first benefit, there is a reality that nobody can deny: seeing and sharing videos online is one of the favorite activities of Internet users.

Globally, according to organizations such as Ericsson and comScore, 70% of users linking to the Internet to see clips; ie located online videos as one of their main reasons to connect. In Mexico, according to studies by the Mexican Internet Association ( Amipci ), this indicator would rank above 40% (on a network of more than 52 million Internet community).

For 2018, the taste for audiovisual materials affirms the company Cisco (global connectivity solutions provider) – cause 79% of Internet traffic is related to video content. Therefore, if you discard the video online as a promotional tool, your business will close the door to millions of potential consumers.

Another benefit is that capitalize YouTube does not charge up and maintain an online-a video clip with truly global reach and not to be subject to restrictions or day- time. In fact, to use the platform, enough that you register/login on the Youtube.com and open a channel for your company; the process will be easier if you already have some Google services, like Gmail.


In addition, using resources you have at your reach, as the camera that you use for your holiday or that is available on your computer or mobile- phone without major problems can create the video clip you go up to the solution of Google. If you want to create a more sophisticated material, considers different production costs (the amount of which depends on the desired clip): Rent or buy a professional camera; purchase or rental of audio and lighting systems; hiring a publicist or production house; sign actors or models; etc.

Is it worth making these investments (which may involve amounts of thousands of pesos)? Video enthusiasts online -of a moment are very tolerant in aesthetic terms, provided the video of your business is original, useful and fun. Items that you will not get the best frame of more sophisticated camera of the planet, but with analysis and planning.

“Without a strategic plan to support the videos, all that will be achieved is to lose time or money, or both”

Lights, camera and vision

To create a YouTube video to help to boost sales of your company or to contribute to your brand, technological aspects should not distract. Before you sit in the director’s chair, think about your consumers, the information that can attract your visual display.

If you analyze your audience and identify their tastes and needs, it will be easier to imagine the perfect clip. Do not just create a video to show the physical qualities of your product or service; You could also design tutorials (to explain the workings and benefits of your offer); testimonials (where your current customers recognize the quality of what your company offers or endorse your efficiency in customer service); or information services (office of doubt, recommendations and virtual tours for your site).

Any way you choose, there are good practices that facilitate the development of a promotional strategy based on online videos. Here are a few:

1. Time is money.

In strictly advertising videos (showing the attributes of a brand), experts recommend a duration of between 30 and 60 seconds. For tutorials and testimonials you might need more time, but avoid exceeding the limit of four minutes. And whatever the case, it pays special attention to the early stages, because the viewer is trapped on line or you will lose in the first five seconds of the clip.

2. You’re not the star.

In the video, addresses issues that arouse the interest of the audience and not be selfish (not talk about how brilliant you are or how extraordinary it is your business, even if you have doubts on both counts). Your advertising message should be subtle and be framed in a story that stimulates curiosity. For example, if you have a cafeteria and not dedicate a video to show that your business sets the perfect aromatic; best creates a mini documentary about the characteristics that distinguish the perfect cup, and uses the clip to show that coffee you offer meets these qualities.

3. Help.

While you should avoid “estrellitis”, do not forget that people look for answers in the videos online -solutions cotidianamente- facing difficulties. Put your knowledge to serve your audience, provides advice, recommendations and tips. Assumes the role of being a useful expert.

4. Commits.

Programme posting new clips and tracks comments (doubts or criticism) stop in your YouTube channel. The no interaction with users and the irregularity in the presentation of new materials, say the specialists-are two of the main factors bury entrepreneurship online video.Towards the end of your clips, promotes the link with the audience (“subscribe to our channel” or “Grant us a LIKE”) and announces upcoming content (“next week we will explain how …”).

5. Respect the rules.

The videos shown on YouTube must meet several requirements. Among other rules and conditions, the platform monitors compliance with copyrights ; It prohibits the publication of materials that incite hatred or discrimination, that are sexually explicit, promoting illegal activities or high-risk, etc. If in doubt, in the YouTube site you’ll find a comprehensive guide to the restrictions.


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