5+ Powerful Tools for Creating Web Heatmap


You want to get ideas on how people use your website and make the necessary changes to make the experience to enter the sites as satisfying as possible while improving the conversion rates of your different marketing campaigns AdWords, SEO, and E-mail.

Today I share 5 great tools to make maps of heat and this way you understand what is the use that gives the people to your project.

What is a HeatMap?

When we start designing a site we always think of every detail in putting each element in its place, buttons, texts, images and action calls, hoping to be used as we planned, however that does not happen, and That is the user who chooses his navigation route and with elements interact or which attract their attention.

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Heat maps do not help to better understand the visitors and know how to improve the content, design, and layout of the content to finally meet the objectives for which the web or application is made.


With a heat map we obtain information by means of the superposition of colors,  in the zones of greater interaction or in the elements the users paid more attention, usually most tools use warm colors like red or orange, to show us which elements Are ignored by users or those with the least interaction are used green or blue tones.

In the last years have appeared enough applications with which we can get this type of maps, see a list of the most popular tools to perform heat maps and some of its outstanding features.

1. Yandex Metrica tool to create free heat maps

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This is my favorite tool and that is why it is the first of the lists, its operation is very good and is completely free, with Yandex not only will we get the classic heat maps, also includes features to get a similar click map Which we get with Google Analytics, map scroll, recording sessions and even the analysis of forms, to know their abandonment rates and other details.

It is worth mentioning that Yandex is not only a tool for making heat maps since inside its features we also find everything necessary to do a deep analysis of the web, such as segmentation, conversion and traffic analysis in general with an interface Clean and simple

The truth is that with this tool the Russians of Yandex were passed since they give us free features that are payable in other tools.

2. Hotjar the best interface

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It is another good tool with its free version we can create up to 100 more heat, I think they are enough to make an analysis and draw important conclusions.

What I like most about Hotjar is there is a community behind and the support area is very open to resolving doubts, I also have to say that its interface is very easy to use and is better achieved than that of Yandex for example.

The Hotjar team is not limited to offer a great tool for heat maps, also has another series of tools that will serve to make a complete analysis of a website within the other functions it has: surveys, form analysis, And recording sessions.

In the market of web analytics and the most of the heat there are great applications that take time offering this type of services were the first and it shows in the service they provide the best are:

3. Crazzy Egg

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Crazzy Egg is probably the most popular heat mapping tool available on the market today. In addition to the already basic heat maps, it also includes mouse displacement heat maps and a fairly useful feature called Confetti Heat Map, this type of Crazy Egg heat map allows you to divide the data into traffic sources. This means that you can see how users coming from social networks, search, or other sources interact with the site.

4. Heatmap.me

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Heatmap claims to be the easiest tool to use in terms of heat map analysis in the market. It is easy to install and comes with a small JavaScript code that loads asynchronously without slowing down your website.

Unlike some tools in this list, Heatmap.me offers real-time heat maps. You can see how users interact with your site live. In addition, it respects the privacy of its users by not recording unnecessary data.

5. ClickTale a complete option of web heat maps

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It is another popular option for web heat maps and the most complete and robust. They offer a very powerful session recording technology and excellent depth analysis maps in depth. But the greater advantage is that they offer integrations with other analysis tools that are already using, such as Google Analytics, Optimizely, Google Tags, etc.

ClickTale has heat maps, session recording, conversion analysis and advanced web analytics.

If you want to understand the use that people give your web projects you can not stop installing one of these web analytics tools, it is okay to use the free options like yandex or the free part of hotjar I consider are sufficient to make a get the data Necessary and make a good analysis of adjustments and changes to both the website and marketing strategies.

Have you used any of these tools what has been your experience?

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