5 Must Have Plugins When First Launching WordPress Blog

5 Must Have Plugins When First Launching WordPress Blog | tinobusiness.com
5 Must Have Plugins When First Launching WordPress Blog | tinobusiness.com

In recent years, CMS software like WordPress have expanded. It’s simple, since its creation in 2003, 66 million websites have sprung up around the world  and that’s not about to stop.

However, with the constant improvement of these platforms, the situation has changed for companies, when creating their blog, find themselves drowned out the multiple options offered by the software, and the sheer volume of extensions that called plugins.
I myself been there a few months ago when creating my site TinoShare.com and it took me some time to familiarize myself with before then create my WordPress plugin library. To emit no confusion, I use WordPress.org and this article will be for this family users.

So I’ll go over 5 plugins that I think you will be indispensable if you miss a fixed base to start your business blog. They are both dedicated to the experience of the user, site optimization, sharing on social networks, statistics tracking to your blog and finally the safety of it.

1 – Have a readable and enjoyable blog


Making a good impression during a first visit to your blog is essential. For beyond the quality of your articles, it’s also the shape that counts and you have to pass by a working ergonomics and reflection to know what will be as pleasant for your player.

The solution is called Jetpack. This plugin will allow you to customize your platform, organize your menus, your widgets on the sidebars, create contact forms, implement call to action buttons. In short, Jetpack takes care to provide you a bunch of little helpers that contribute to good user experience, the UX so appreciated.

Even better, you can bring your personal touch to your site through this plugin provided to do it wisely and not abuse the options for this tool. Success is also synonymous with simplicity in blogging.

2 – Promote your website through Yoast plugin


If there is indeed a reference in the field of website optimization, it is at Yoast it takes trust. This web developer 32 years, founder of Yoast and expert in optimizing website, helps thousands of bloggers using WordPress Seo Plugin. And believe me, you must install it for the good of your business. Not only that service is complete but it will allow you to better understand the logic of Google and apprehend his other tools like Google Adwords regarding keywords.

Specifically for you and present it, this plugin identifies your h1 and h2 tags in your articles, alt and description in your images, or use the keywords and their density . The system is intuitive and if you follow the various rules imposed by this tool, all lights will be green and you will be trimmed to drain more traffic to your business blog.

3 – Communicate to win in court


Be on networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus for the more adventurous is not an easy task at first. Develop calls sharing is complicated and you’ll once again publish quality content no matter what.

However, to encourage the sharing, you can arm yourself with a plugin named Smart Layers produced by Add This. With this extension, social networks have no secrets, since you can place sharing buttons on your articles and pages, install a sidebar to continuously remind your readers that may share your blog. Better still, you can even have thumbnails that appear to recommend articles to your audience.

The plugin is very easy to use and good that it is not intrusive but incentive. In two clicks, your readers can either share or liker, or read more of your articles.


4 – Find your statistics to adjust your strategy


For blogs, the result is measured by the number of views, sessions or transformations by sales on the site. Only, impossible to know unless you install a WordPress plugin directly on our friend Yoast has yet produced: Google Analytics by Yoast.

Among the many features of this plugin, you can:
• Follow your visits in real time
• Know the audience through time and over time
• Identify the sources of your traffic and media (mobile / tablet / computer)
• Targeting your audience knowing their demographic origin, gender, age, etc …
• Establish the pages and the most watched items
• Know the destination of clicks of your readers and the bounce rate

You must first have a Google Analytics account before installing it directly on WordPress.


5 – Be safe with the plugin Akismet


We do not think much but many bloggers have found themselves in trouble because of unwanted spam or malicious people having produced undesirable content.

The most popular plug-in of spam is Akismet and you will prevent this kind of feedback that would affect the user experience.

Everything is automated and supported by the extension that will filter your comments. Sit there from creating your site. Prevention is better than cure.



With these extensions, you should be able to start well on WordPress and then create a content strategy for your business blog. However, my list is not exhaustive and other plugins deserve mention for their great help.

Question: Which ones you use mostly?


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