5+ Magazine advertising strategies | Marketing

5+ Magazine advertising strategies | Marketing | tinobusiness
5+ Magazine advertising strategies | Marketing | tinobusiness

Magazine advertising can be very effective if used properly. One of the most important aspects of advertising in magazines is knowing what you want to achieve with the ad. For example, if you own a mail order company, you may want to get orders directly from your ad in the magazine. The purpose of a company may be that people visit the stores to test their products.Whatever the case, there are certain strategies that the advertiser should be aware when you place an ad in a magazine.

Choose the right target

An advertiser must request a media kit before announcing in a magazine. This kit will provide circulation figures, the price of several classified and display and, most important, the key demographic of readers. Demographics will usually tell the age, income level and even average education magazine readers. If you’re selling wrinkle cream at major retail sales, you may want to advertise in magazines that appeal to women 30-35 years old.

Use strong headlines

The goal of advertising is headed capture the reader’s attention, according to the article advertising expert Noel Peeble “How to write headlines that could win you a fortune!” in Ideamarketers.com. There are many pages in a magazine. Just a few seconds to attract the reader towards your ad. It is best to use a header that asks a question, solve a problem or make a strong statement about fulfilling a need. A couple of examples, respectively, could be: “Can not get rid of wrinkles?” or “The new amazing cream that removes wrinkles quickly!”. Once you have the reader’s attention, you can use subheadings to further explain your product and attract readers to your ad.

Choose the right size for your ad

You not necessarily need a full magazine ad page to promote your products or services. A half-page ad or even a quarter of a page may be appropriate to direct the public to your business. Full-page ads are expensive. Try to try a smaller presentation and determines what type of response you get. Next, place an ad to be slightly larger. If you are directing people to a website or a toll-free, track income or calls each ad. Determine your cost for each ad per search. For example, if you placed an ad that costs US $ 400 and you got 40 responses, your search would cost $ 10. Use the ad size to obtain the lowest cost per -always search as attract an adequate number of responses you can make a profit.

Post ad consistently

Your advertising campaign can not survive on an ad. Many readers will wait until they see your ad several times before responding. Readers want to make sure you are a stable company that will not put an ad in “Sold” the next day. Follow-up time for most magazines is at least a month or more. Once you secure you’re profiting from your ad, publish it monthly magazine. Suggest you to read :  5+ Advertising and promotion strategies

Increase the number of ads

If you are making a profit with a magazine, some test results similar magazines. Continues to invest a percentage of your profits in advertising and build your successful advertising campaign in magazines gradually. Also, consider posting a couple of versions of an ad in the same magazine. However, be sure to try each ad first.


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