5 Keys to success for a successful Retail Experience

5 Keys to success for a successful Retail Experience | tinobusiness
5 Keys to success for a successful Retail Experience | tinobusiness

Many brands are undertaking aimed at generating consumer experiences strategies, especially when the point of sale refers because that is where a good experience translates into purchase and brand loyalty. However, few companies manage to create such memorable and successful experiences.

In this context, Erik Peña, director of marketing at Build-A-Bear, shared five keys to success that have helped generate brand represents experience memorable for their consumers and that they in turn go beyond the purchasing decision.

Such has been the impact of these keys that the brand has achieved an effectiveness rate to 70 percent.”Our strategy at the point of sale has allowed us to achieve a conversion rate of up to 70 percent at the point of sale,” said a spokesman for the brand.

5 keys to success are:

1. Customer: One aspect that seems basic although many brands forgotten, especially by putting into practice a policy strategy to serve you at the point of sale.


2. Interaction with the product: It is always important that customers can interact in some way with the products, goods or services during his visit to the shop floor, it directly impacts the buying decision.

3. Product quality: For many a beaten look, but in practice, many firms prefer to punish the quality in exchange for cost reduction strategy in the long term can lead to failure of the entire company.

4. Staff training: You can not leave the future of the product and sales channel performance in poorly trained staff, is a mistake that can be paid with negative results even if you have obtained a good product and strategy.

5. Information: A product, even when it is appealing thanks to packaging and display mounted sight, must be accompanied by basic information that tells the consumer what serves, in addition to its competitive advantages in functionality and price over other products of the same category.

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