5+ Keys and Steps to create personal branding

5+ Keys and Steps to create personal branding | tinobusiness
5+ Keys and Steps to create personal branding | tinobusiness

The undoubted competitiveness that exists in today’s job market has been the engine for processes such as Branding Marketing are implemented in the personal life of individuals, causing them to stand out and broaden their employment opportunities through assertive communication.

For years the Branding has been a key concept in the industry of Marketing and Advertising. This process, which focuses on identifying and transmitting brand value to a target audience is crucial when it comes to position a product or service effectively in the minds of people. For this reason, and in view of the high competitiveness that exists today in the workplace, this method has managed to transcend the personal level, in order that an individual can stand out in the market, generating empathy and remembrance through effective communication of their strengths and specialties.

More than a decade Tom Peters, American writer specializing in business management, first wrote the Personal Branding in an article called ” The Brand Called You “in which he analyzed how each garment and accessory outfit of a person wearing a mark allowing categorizing the individual within a group of people, thus exposing the importance of learning from the big brands Branding and the need to take this process personally, regardless of age, gender or industry to belonging.

Create a personal brand also generate value to people, it gives visibility to a crowded market for similar profiles and undoubtedly increases the job opportunities of the person performing and promoting the approach to new customers, jobs or businesses. However, it is important that those who run this process have clear communication objectives and above all a proven experience in the subject they want to spread.





5 Steps to create a personal brand

Personal branding is a clear opportunity for differentiation in the workplace. However, when creating a personal brand is essential to note that the actions to be executed, are coherent and consistent, that is, they must be aligned perfectly to the experience and must maintain a frequency transmission message. Here are some tips to build your personal brand effectively.




Start by defining what is its purpose

Ask yourself why you decided to create a personal brand and what they want to achieve with it. Once you have resolved these questions, identify what you want to communicate, is your experience? Does your knowledge in a specific area? To analyze how it wants to be perceived by their audience. Note that in this communication process is everything, and the more you have expertise in a particular subject, the more credible will be in front of your audience.





Find your audience

Pretending to reach out to all people only make your message get lost in a sea of ideas. Therefore it is important to segment your audience to the point that is as specific as possible. Finding a niche is the ideal time to define your audience. For this it is essential to identify the area in which it operates better and be as specific as possible. For example, if your theme is Social Media, show their work in social networks, keep their profiles updated, and mold your message so that anyone seeking information in this area, find a reliable source in you.




Build your ‘Elevator Pitch’

If I had to present their business idea in less than three minutes clear what would it going to say? The Elevator Pitch comes in the wake of the ongoing conversations that arise in the elevators and the need to condense in a few words a message, so that in a few seconds to capture the attention of audience you want to reach. According to Paula Rincon, director of Think & Talk Pitch expectation should arouse people without telling everything. For this recommended detect and connect the two critical points of development theory of information, also known as the rule 5 or 6 W, which is based on six key questions that any information must answer (what, how, when, where, why and for what). In that vein identify and communicate what and why, are the key to transmit clearly and your message specific items. “The idea is that the other person generate other w’s”




Consider all the elements that will need

Whether you plan to create a personal brand in the online or offline environment plan, consider what items will need throughout the process, they can be cards, photos, logos, web platforms, social networks, among others. Do not just selecting these parts.




Publicize your ideas

When making public its opinion, do it on all channels it deems appropriate level in both the offline and the digital environment. Note that to build credibility is important to be persistent in all the media you selected. This involves both the frequency at which disclosed their ideas, as the tone of communication in which it does.




How to build a personal brand online?

Note that the digital level is a key means to execute actions of personal branding, allowing the message to reach a larger audience in a shorter time. Here are some things to consider when making personal branding in the online environment.




Blogs and social networks

Digital platforms such as blogs and social networks, are certainly one of the most important points of contact Marketing, as well as serving as a channel to disseminate ideas and views on certain issues, are also a place where brands They can interact directly with their followers. It is for this reason that Marketing leaders as Juan Merodio found in these, a medium through which they can connect with your audience and approach potential customers.





Social network What to choose?

The large number of users from horizontal social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, is certainly a plus for these platforms, however, not all these people are interested in the same topic, which can hinder your message reaches the target audience effectively. For this a good option to consider is the vertical social venues, namely those that specialize in a particular subject, such as Behance, dedicated to the creative sector, where designers, illustrators, photographers, among others, share their work in order to receive feedback and position your brand in the middle. This is not to choose only one, remember that you can do as many as deemed relevant, it is important that you and your potential followers are in one place.





How to speak on social networks?

Before interact in social networks is better to hear what the public has to say, this will give an idea about what issues play, who to follow, and what conversations intervene. Remember that all actions must be consistent with the image you want to position, so it is important that the language is aligned manage your profile.




What is the digital identity?

Digital identity is the footprint of all our actions on the Internet, which over time end up becoming traits that define a person in the online environment. Be consistent with what you do and say on digital platforms and unifying elements such as profile pictures, user names or biographies is essential to generate brand recall in followers.




Create experiences

This is not only to make known their knowledge. To position your brand and generate remembrance is important to create experiences that are aligned to the image you want to set, and through whom he can interact with fans. A good way to do this in the digital environment is to webinars where they explain a certain topic or posting downloadable files on his blog that generate value to the lives of their followers.

The Personal Branding undoubtedly involves the transformation of people into ‘products’ appeal to the labor market. If analyzed from this perspective is easier to understand not only the process, or the extent to which this may have on the professional life of the user, it also makes clear that it is possible to apply other techniques of marketing to personal life, as Content can be Experiential Marketing or Marketing.


Personal Branding is a need for professionals today. So start building your personal brand can get to highlight it as a valuable asset for any company or organization. As Tom Peters would say the same, the good news is that now “everyone has the opportunity to be a memorable brand.”

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