5+ Effective tips for a call-to-action | Attention call customers & readers

5+ Effective tips for a call-to-action | Attention call customers & readers | tinobusiness

Whatever the nature of business or campaign there are certain words that invite consumers to action. Based on this logic, here are some useful recommendations are presented to engage the target when it is in an online..


According to an infographic by MorePageViews, which brings together 30 recommendations to create call-to-actions either on an ad, on a site or an online store, when it comes to attracting the attention of the target is required to invite the action and this is achieved through mandatory words to persuade him to do what the brand wants.

The words “now“, “free“, “today“, among others, create a sense of urgency, whatever the industry and whatever the purpose of the online ad. However, in addition to using these words combined with imperatives you need to make use of colors and shapes, that is, exploit the design.

Based on this infographic, on a site of e-commerce this can be achieved through buttons with the call-to-action. Below are 5 tips for effective call to action.

  1. Use contrasting colors. When a user enters a website makes a quick scan of the content, so it is advisable to use bright colors like red, green or orange, protruding from the rest.
  2. Doing great. If it comes to buttons, you need to attract attention when the user to quickly scan the page.
  3. Include everything. Not only on the homepage, but in the other tabs to open the user must find the announcement, this to give higher visibility.
  4. Place it in the first scroll. This place is privileged because it is the first thing the user sees when you visit a page and is more likely to take action.
  5. Separate it from other elements. It should be distinguished from other parts and components of the website, so it will be easier to identify.



calls-to-action-that-can-help-you-convert-more-website-visitors 5+ Effective tips for a call-to-action | Attention call customers & readers | tinobusiness

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