5+ | Design an effective advertisement in a newspaper

7+ Design an effective advertisement in a newspaper | tinobusiness
7+ Design an effective advertisement in a newspaper | tinobusiness

Despite many options available in the new media, traditional newspapers are still a great place advertising for many types of businesses and organizations. The key to maximizing your dollars to advertise in the paper include the size of the ad, the frequency of the runs and of course, the design of the ad. Here are some tips for designing newspaper ads that will give your marketing message most exposure.

1. Start with a strong title that will attract the reader’s attention to your ad. Use relatively short sentences with action words related to your promotion. The use of humor, questions, time reference or popular phrases can be effective provided that they are easily understood by your audience. If the ad is part of a current promotion or one of several used ?? in various media, keep your headers consistent. Make sure your title is presented in a font that can be easily read.

2. Write a short presentation of your promotion, sale or marketing message. Although your audience is interested in reading articles, not necessarily going to read your ad. Make sure the message you’re trying to communicate it short and simple. Use bullets instead of prayers. Highlight or use bold names recognizable brands and promotional offers. It includes a call to action like “call now”, “visit our website” or “brings this coupon”.

3. Use the space effectively in black and white. Because newspapers are mostly filled with words and advertising spaces, large areas of white or black tend to attract the reader’s attention. Consider using a minimum of shocking text in larger fields of black or white for the full announcement or your title area. This will make your ad stand out from the others on the page.

4. Choose fonts and graphics that reinforce your brand. Limit your sources three at the most for your ad looking nice. Make sure they are very readable and reflect the tone of your ad, whether original or classic and sophisticated and modern. Consider using the elements of your logo or simple illustrations and photographs that can be replicated across multiple runs advertisements and media to deliver greater brand recognition.


5. Give the best location to your logo and contact details. For newspaper ads, that means the lower right corner. Because people read from left to right and top to bottom, put your logo on the bottom right you sure that’s the last thing the reader to explore see your ad. Be sure to include your phone number and web address with your logo.

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