4+4 Best Options for creating an online store | Business & Marketing Tools

4+4 Best Options for creating an online store | Business & Marketing Tools | tinobusiness.com

Until recently, the idea of investing all our savings in an online store seemed to us ridiculous. Who would buy something online if they could visit a store and make it “in real life and time”? After all, was not this the safest and most convenient way to purchase something?

Today, the world increasingly dominated by the immediacy and mobile devices, consumers appreciate the enormous benefits offered by online stores: speed, convenience, and security.

This translates into an excellent business opportunity for entrepreneurs. Riding an online store does not require a large investment, and on the contrary, it can provide significant gains.

If you want to create an online store, here are some digital tools that greatly facilitate your life. Take note!


This platform allows you to create a professional online store without having advanced knowledge of technology. The model has been very successful in the US, Canada, UK, New Zealand and Spain. It has a user-friendly system that includes more than 500 applicationsĀ easy to integrate, for example, Quickbooks, the app used to keeping records of a business. It offers an advanced security system.



This manager is known for its friendly interface, allowing you to customize a site with a few clicks. It is also one of the e-commerce applications faster. It includes a system of SEO optimization, friendly URLs, speed very fast loading and responsive template for mobile and the possibility of introducing barcodes.



OpenCart platform is easy to use, features a search engine friendly and has a very attractive interface that lets you have complete control over your site. It also accepts multiple forms of payments. All you have to do is install it, choose a template, add your products and start accepting orders. So or easier?



It incorporates a vast amount of templates to customize your online store. It features an intuitive administration panel, ie, clean and easy to use. It also offers detailed statistics such as sales history, traffic statistics, products and exhausted.



Undoubtedly, Etsy is one of the most popular to mount an online business options. On this site, users simply register and then create a virtual store to begin making money. It offers many payment methods, including direct payments, gift certificates, PayPal or credit card payments.



The alternative to creating an online store for MercadoLibre offers a host of benefits: professional designs ready for use, guarantee safe operation, mobile optimization, inventory sales and a variety of marketing tools. The basic service is free.



4+4 Best Options for creating an online store | Business & Marketing Tools | tinobusiness.com

This is one of the leading options in Mexico, offering a striking design and easy to use, does not set a limit of products or services, it ensures safe operations and only charges for the sales generated. It also offers customers an impeccable service via phone, chat, email, Twitter and Facebook. In short, ensure a satisfying shopping experience.



This service online, that is, does not involve downloading any software. It also does not require any programming skills, it has a variety of pre-designed templates and accepts payments by credit card and debit card. Unlike Kichink, does not charge sales charge but an annual payment.


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