4+1 Customer Loyalty Strategies | Attract new customers to our business

4+1 Customer Loyalty Strategies | Attract new customers to our business | tinobusiness.com
4+1 Customer Loyalty Strategies | Attract new customers to our business | tinobusiness.com

As important as investing to attract new customers to our business, we have strategies that allow us to retain those who already buy from us.

Jack Taylor, CEO of Enterprise Rent-A-Car, states that “It costs six times more to get a new customer than to keep one satisfied”, for this reason, it is essential that your business can count on effective strategies and customer loyalty programs.

Here I share a list of five strategies aimed help you convert buyers into loyal customers who want to return again and again to your business and also wish to recommend to others.





1. Provide positive experiences buying


Each time a customer interacts with your product or your business, you are living an experience that can be positive or negative. If the experience is good, sure your customer will want to repeat it and be willing to recommend; if the experience is bad, the customer will not buy and it will ensure that all your friends and contacts they find out how bad the step.

Examines how the experience that your customer when it comes to your business, when you buy your product when it comes out of your business and when you consume your product. Ingéniatelas to make each one of these moments is really pleasant for the customer and are sure to return again and again.

A key element here is the after-sales service, it is an opportunity to ensure that the customer experience is complete and pleasant.




2. Create a newsletter with interesting and useful information


Keep in touch with your customers through email is a very powerful strategy, but beware saturate commercial messages. It is much better than regularly send them useful and interesting information that relates to your product or service, so the bonds of trust with the customer are going to be strengthened.

Suppose you own a pet supply store and create a newsletter to send information on the proper care of pets.One day, for example, send an email about how to bathe your dog and end information you include bath products you sell dog, then your customer will feel they want to help and increase the chances that you buy and become a faithful follower of your business.




3. Gamification


The Gamification is the application of techniques of video games to different areas or activities.

In the world of marketing, use of gamification to motivate and retain customers through challenges, achievements, rewards and points obtained in different challenges becomes.

The idea is to create environments and experiences that your clients connect your brand with your products or your company through activities based on the challenge, adventure and fun while earning rewards for their performance.




4. Create partnerships with other companies to provide added value


The aim of this strategy is to ally yourself with other companies to give your customers more than they expect.

Identifies companies that are willing to work with you to find the way that together they can create greater value for its customers, thus may be interesting synergies that contribute to the growth of each.

A good example of this strategy is the “program Santalucía Contigo “, which aims to customers of insurance Saint Lucia get special discounts in different shops that are part of the alliance.

There are various types of partnerships that you can create to provide all kinds of added value to your customers, it’s just a matter of making proposals with your potential allies interesting to see what strategies are.




5. Establish a proactive communication with customers


Sometimes for a client to connect to your business, you need only listen. Let your customers can contact you through different means serving your questions promptly.

Take advantage of social networks and other digital communication channels to be in a constant dialogue with your customers. Show them that after your business is a willing to listen, serve and provide exceptional service team.




Bonus !: Never forget that the essence of your business is to serve


No matter how many things you do, remember that the most important is that the reason for being is to serve your business, create value and make life better for your clients. Whenever possible, help your client to solve their problems. Do not complicate their lives, on the contrary, seeks to your business to provide simple and effective solutions. Do what you do best and do it better than anyone.




Do you dare to implement these strategies? Can you think of any other customer loyalty strategy you want to share with us? … Leave your comments, contributions and suggestions.



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