4+ Importance of personnel management

4+ Importance of personnel management | tinobusiness
4+ Importance of personnel management | tinobusiness

The management of staff  is as an organization is expected to meet staff needs, now and in the future. This requires collecting and analyzing data on all positions in an organization. This process corresponds to planners, senior executives, department heads, line managers and human resource professionals that help in forecasting and planning staffing needs.


Human capital management

Large organizations are managed according to a strategic plan. Human capital management is a central element of strategic planning, ensures that employees direct the proper operational programs. Personnel management is planning how the force of work that will increase or decrease according to new priorities to help the organization to make the most of their human resources. Without planning, an organization may face a difficult situation, as staff shortages threatening productivity.



Training and development

As part of the management of human capital, staffing activities related activities connected with the rest of the staff. Senior managers link the size and characteristics of the workforce in areas such as training and development. They know what  kind  of positions will be needed in the future, a product of personnel management, helps managers to decide which formation invest. Continue building employee skills, improve training and development help an organization to remain competitive.




One of the most important parts of how an organization plans to implement its strategic planning goals is through the budget process. A central component of the budget is the cost of personnel. An organization that financial resources allocated to each program or activity must decide. Without sufficient staff, each activity cannot fulfill its function.



Senior managers can also plan for growth and expansion, such as adding production facilities or launching a new product line. These plans should include consideration of how many people in the organization should be included and how the priority of this staffing requirement fits into the overall strategic plan. After looking at the budget, for example, managers may decide to move staff from another area of the program is reduced or exhausted, instead of a budget for new positions.


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