4+ How to write a job offer to a newspaper ad

4+ How to write a job offer to a newspaper ad | tinobusiness
4+ How to write a job offer to a newspaper ad | tinobusiness

You can have a limited space announcement of work in a newspaper, but you can still create one that attracts attention of your target candidate. Carefully chose words and details for your listing so you know you have the power to attract qualified candidates, even if it means paying a little more for more space. A well-crafted ad not only helps you get the candidates you want, but it will save you the task to disqualify a large number of people who do not meet the requirements of the position.


1. Engage the reader with a good title. For example, if your business with a great future need an experienced and motivated seller, type a title like “dynamic experienced marketer and necessary for a position with enormous growth potential.” If you prefer, you can omit the title and use the details to open your announcement: “experienced and dynamic salesman for Wanted position with enormous potential for growth.”


2. List the skills and experience needed for the job. “You must have at least three years of successful sales and marketing experience and a year of management experience.” If you prefer, make a list of skills and experience in bullet style format. This can help break up the text and make it easier to read.



3. Lists necessary to successfully implement education. For example, it says “a degree in Business or other related degree is required.” This statement informs prospective candidates if they qualify for the position.


4. It details the advantages and benefits you offer to attract qualified candidates. For example, “Excellent salary plus commissions and benefits plan. Membership free local gym.”



5. Set your location and instructions for applying. “South Central Zone. Send a cover letter and resume to the following email address for your consideration.”


Tips & Warnings

  • Write in clear and specific language and action verbs used to make the ad more readable.For example, do not say: “To apply for this position, go online …” Instead he says “Apply online …”.
  • Give details about the culture of your company, if you think it will help attract candidates.For example, “commitment to the development of new skills” or an “atmosphere of great integrity” are two details that could attract qualified candidates.
  • Browse ads similar jobs for ideas and help you decide how to sell the position.
  • Avoid mentioning specific personality traits in the job ad because people can cheat to win your favor.





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