4+ How to ride a bike shop – Here are some tips

4+ How to ride a bike shop - Here are some tips | tinobusiness
4+ How to ride a bike shop - Here are some tips | tinobusiness

For those who want to know how to ride a bike shop (start a bike (bicycle) shop) the tinobusiness.com researched and discovered some tips that can greatly facilitate the life of the new entrepreneur.

It seems like a good business option to ride a bike shop, since this is a market in full expansion. Seen as leisure object and fun in the big cities, in some cities bicycles are the means of transport much of the population.


The script to ride a bike shop

One of the secrets for those who are looking to know how to ride a bike shop is not to restrict the business solely to bicycle sale itself, but also offer parts and accessories, which often feature marketing margin even higher than the bike itself.

Sales of accessories like helmets, baskets, child seats and numerous other accessories to complete bicycles main activity and adds value to your business. Another service that can be added is the bike shop, which certainly boost revenue.

4+ How to ride a bike shop - Here are some tips | tinobusiness


What is the investment to ride a bike shop

The initial investment to ride a bike shop is not very big and revolves around $ 5000 to mount the store structure and approximately $ 20 thousand reais for the initial stock. The store structure itself is not expensive since this type of business does not require much furniture or special machines.

4+ How to ride a bike shop - Here are some tips | tinobusiness



The location to ride a bike shop

To mount a successful bike shop the first step is to choose commercially for business.

The location of your bike shop should be in a location easily accessible and preferably with a good transit of persons. The location along the major trade centers is indicated.

It is also important to ride his bike shop in an area that has a cargo area because most people take the bicycle at the time and prefer to transport it by car, and since they are bulky products, the shipment may be delayed.

4+ How to ride a bike shop - Here are some tips | tinobusiness


Framework for a bike shop

The assembly of a bicycle shop requires planning so we can explore au maximum space, mainly because bikes are bulky items, and as flagship of her shop, need prominent location.

A good idea is to create a suspended showcase where you can literally “hang” bikes. This helps to further explore all the dimensions of your space. Do not forget that you also need shelves for accessories, so the more spot on the floor, the better.

Try to leave a free will, preferably in the center of the store, so that people can closely evaluate the bike they have chosen. This facilitates the circulation and create adequate space for product presentation.

Thus, it is possible to ride a bike shop in a relatively small space of 80 square meters, an area that even in big cities is not hard to find for a reasonable price.


Having a website

Having own bike shop website will help you to be recognized by local area people and chances are high to create a brand that will boost your sale and recognition faster. Suggest to read more about this one here

4+ How to ride a bike shop - Here are some tips | tinobusiness




Now that you have some tips on how to ride a bike shop, it’s time to do your project and put your hands dirty. Stay up to date by subscribing to our Newsletter.



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