4+ How to Make Money Selling fruit salad

4+ How to Make Money Selling fruit salad | tinobusiness
4+ How to Make Money Selling fruit salad | tinobusiness

This article on how to make money selling fruit salad, a business option that does not require a large initial investment and offers great potential for those looking to start his own business.

For many people make money selling fruit salad, it can be a good alternative for those who are behind some good idea to be able to invest and slightly increase sales.

Thinking about this and the numerous possibilities that this kind of business offers is that we are suggesting the sale of fruit salad, low investment, and that can have a big return.

Think about making money selling fruit salad in a country that has such a wide variety of options and the natural taste for type of food is without a doubt a possibility to be well analyzed.

Not enough favorable conditions in terms of product, the sale of fruit salad joins the movement in search of natural and healthy products, which is already creating many opportunities for those who decides to invest in this segment.



What you need to make money selling fruit salad?

To prepare the fruit salad you’ll need a good supplier of fruit and plastic pots with lids for customers. A simple way to meet everyone, healthy and can even be delivered at home or even in the customer work.

Today the heat is in every city, even in winter, so why not take advantage and offer a healthy, fresh, low-calorie and that everyone appreciates. No more refreshing thing on a hot day, eat a little pot of freshly baked fruit.

A great opportunity for those looking for healthy food and for those who sell them.Just buy fresh fruit, make a delicious salad, pack into jars to cover two or more sizes and leave behind their future customers. Create your differential.

You do not necessarily have a fixed place to do it, you can visit offices, high-traffic streets, fairs, parks, squares, beaches, lakes, where to find more convenient and still make money in the summer.

Who has a bicycle, you can even turn into food bike, which also is on the rise these days and that will greatly facilitate the movement and also loading the container with jars of salad.

If you look closely, the investment is low, but will have to offer a quality product, clean, organized and preferably with some differential, as some yummy cover invented by you.

Another item that adds value to your product is a different package already with a napkin and spoon or other idea you have, so that people want to eat your fruit salad and not being offered in the cafeteria the corner.

Make money selling fruit salad involves creativity, as in any other business, so put your work and to differentiate itself from other competitors.


Disclosure is part of the strategy to make money with fruit salad

Disclosure is important to let people know what you are offering, you can go out in the early days and provide proof of your salad so that people know what they will buy.

Say can make deliveries offering a contact phone, use WhatsApp, disclose to their friends and acquaintances, using social networks to reach more people, potential future customers will make your business the success you crave, thereby increasing increasing your revenue.

Get customers to buy your salad unquestionable quality fruit and increase your profit with total customer satisfaction, will not require sacrifices, you have to be quite neat, with clean clothes, show your difference, choose the place will start and lavish sympathy, work with satisfaction and efficiency of care.


How much money you can make selling fruit salad

There are a few snack bars that sell fruits and through a survey salad, we found that they can sell 150-200 pots per day bill a lot from this product because the charge is around R $ 2.00 to R $ 5, 00, depending on pot size, but guests need to go to the place to buy.

One of its differentials will go to the customer and also make deliveries, making your business unique, personalized and extremely promising and could have a daily profit to sell around 50 pots of R $ 100.00 to R $ 250.00 and this only at the beginning, for surely you will sell more than 50 pots and can reach more than 200 a day.

Calculate what you will spend on fruits and how much it will charge for each pot and see that the profit could reach about 50%. Remember that one of the secrets to making money on food is to have a tight control on costs.

Make this idea a goal in your life and go after what you dream, because it is simple and very easy to be put into practice and what’s more, will not depend on anyone else except yourself and your goodwill and who knows in the future will not need more people to help in sales.


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