4+ Duties of a waitress/waiter in cafe

4+ Duties of a waitress/waiter in cafe | tinobusiness

Being a waitress is much more than serving  food. In a cafe environment with  often  you have to do yourself the  beverages specialty assume the duties counter and  work  the cash register. The smaller restaurants often do not have the funds for people who clean the tables, so you may have to clean your own tables, too. Dominates all these functions and have more success in your work.


Duties counter

You may be asked to do several activities at the counter sale, including the preparation of food on display, taking orders at the counter or breakfast orders at the counter, keep the area clean and the cash register. Keep food fresh and neat, change the food that is not under the lights for a long time. When customers arrive and want just a snack or take out, take orders and make the cook. Clean counters often and keep floors clean and trash under control to enhance the visual appeal. When customers pay for their meals at the counter, take the money and give the correct change.


Making beverages

Serve in a cafe often means that customers can just stop for a cup of coffee. Coffee these days can mean anything from a beer to any number of coffee drinks with sugar.You can order a latte or cappuccino or espresso bar area.



Take orders and bring food

Your main duty as a waitress, of course, is to take the customer’s order and bring the food in a timely manner. Give the customer a few after it has been sitting moments, and then approach him for a drink order. While preparing the drink, he will have time to read the menu and probably will be ready to order your food when you return. Always carry a notebook and a pen, even if you memorize commands instead of typing. Thus, if something is too complicated, you can take notes again. Bring order to the cook as quickly as possible, and as soon as the food is cooked, take it to the customer to limit the waiting time.


Cleaning duties

Cafes usually have a smaller team of waiters restaurants, and you may be asked to clean your own tables. This means that after the customer has paid and gone, gather dirt dishes and food on the table, carrying the dishes in the dishwasher. Clean the table and chairs carefully, so that the next client who feels sees no traces of the person who came before. If there is a visible mess on the floor, sweep and clean up spills quickly.




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