4 Apps for presentations of work that you should certainly know

4 Apps for presentations of work that you should certainly know | tinobusiness.com
4 Apps for presentations of work that you should certainly know | tinobusiness.com

Presentations of work are very common today, many companies have a habit of bringing their personal weekly to see the progress and also to show what needs to be done.

The best known program to make presentations is undoubtedly Microsoft PowerPoint. When you make a presentation, usually you have five things on hand, first presentation in a file, the second a PC, laptop or other device, third projector, room a remote control fifth distance and a pointer. Now everything is reduced to three, ignoring the remote control and mouse, and you can use your smartphone as a remote control application and presentations by Bluetooth or Wireless connection.

Below is a compilation of the best apps to turn your smartphone into a remote control for presentations:

PC Remote to WindowsPhone. It is a versatile application that can not only control all the PC presentations but no problem, you can wake, play songs, and videos, view files and folders, transfer files. It could be the best option to control the Power-Point presentations only need a Nokia phone. Free application.

i-Clickr PowerPoint Remote for Apple iOS . You can use your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch to control PowerPoint presentations without problem, and lets you annotate your device and show them to the public as well as control your time. It is compatible with Apple devices, Windows and Mac, the connection is through WiFi.

Keynote PowerPoint Remote for Android . It boasts of being the application to see more submissions downloaded to the Android system using both networks, wireless and bluetooth. It provides support for notes and animation, laser pointer, is multilingual, supports audio and video, supports Windows and Mac. There are two versions of the Pro Full Enterprise and for all.

Remote PowerPoint OpenOffice. It is an application for the Android system that works both to control PowerPoint presentations and OpenOffice. Use Java and runs on both Windows, Linux and Mac. Supports notes, video, animations, multiple languages, requires no installation on the PC and runs through the Bluetooth network.

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