3 Online Business Ideas You Never Heard

3 Online Business Ideas You Never Heard

You must know him. You wake up early in the morning thinking about your new online business idea.

He knows that he needs it more than anything in this world.

He longs to have it. Your digital business. An empire on the internet that allows you to live the dream. Making money unhindered and from the comfort of your home.

He spends the whole day visualising his first million dollars, and doing accounts of “how much money he could spend if …”, and lies at night with the same idea piercing his head: “I need an internet business.” 

Days go by. And this situation is repeated: with different online business ideas. But, nothing happens.


Because dreams do not create the reality you want.

He will not get a digital business if he does not get the truth. And you neither. 

Do you know this character?

I know him. Many like them.

I’ve even been in that situation.

Dreaming about doing a really significant internet business. Not only does it generate money, it also changes the lives of hundreds of people. Working from anywhere in the world without worrying.

Do you feel identified with this situation?

Why; How it affects a few to dominate the market by selling junk, while YOU have a great idea that can change the world.

Surely you have asked yourself, Why do they do and you do not?

The reason is simple.

Because those who really succeed do not dream it. Those who manage to make a digital business and live from it, are the ones that DO.

Notice the difference? Make you dream 

3 Online Business Ideas You Never Heard


The good news is that they, like you, started out with a dream, but they had the courage to take a step forward, to start their online business idea.

Look at the mirror! Do not you want to give your family a comfort life?

With the following digital business ideas, you can do it. They are practical and executable ideas, as long as you have the will to make them come true.

You can start today. They are not for everyone, but:  Anyone can make them come true.


1. Launch an Internet Gift Shop

If you are a person inclined towards the original businesses creating a store and gallery on the internet is a simple solution to undertake.

3 Online Business Ideas You Never Heard

There are two ways to realise this business idea.

With affiliate marketing, making a virtual store, and getting a commission of up to 50% for other people’s works.

Or creating your own internet gift shop (with dropshipping) where you do not have to worry about distribution and shipping.

In Tinobusiness we publish a step by step tutorial that explains to you what dropshipping is and how to undertake with this great tool.

Whether you decide to make your own gift shop, or an affiliate marketing store, the essential steps to creating it with the following:

Step 1.   Create a website

Step 2. Once your website is ready, you can get down to work. Select one to one products you want to sell.

Step 3. Upload photo and description of each of the products on your website on individual pages or posts on your blog. It’s very easy with WordPress.

Step 4. Study promotion methods for social networks and internet search engines, and execute a solid strategy.

Step 5. Get your income

  • If it is by affiliate marketing you will get a commission of the sale through the affiliate platform
  • If you own your other dropshipping shop they will handle the complex part, shipping and distribution.


2.  Create a house of changes of Bitcoins 

Bitcoin is a digital currency that many companies and websites use on the internet. Bitcoins allow you to make purchases and you can also convert them to money from your country.

3 Online Business Ideas You Never Heard

Create a blog where you offer the service of buying and selling bitcoins. This is a good idea to start on the internet, as there are many people who have decided to leave their savings in bitcoins.

Others buy bitcoins to invest in new technologies, why not create a virtual exchange house where you will generate extra money through commissions?

To realise this idea, follow these steps:

Step 1.  Study how the ups and downs in the market influence the value of bitcoin. That is fundamental.

Step 2. You must have a portfolio where you can manage bitcoins like Multibit.

Step 3. Create a web page where users can buy or sell bitcoins in the currency of their choice, and charge a commission for each transaction.

Step 4. Integrate your tools

Step 5. To make your service popular and recognised, invest in advertising and attract customers to use your services.

The big advantage is that very few Spanish-speaking companies offer these services and the demand for bitcoins is increasing every day.

Sounds good, does not it? A system of bitcoins that automatically generate income for you.


3. Make an Instagram Agency for Medical Offices

If you like to help people and you also have the gift of selling whatever it is through images, create a digital agency that allows you to help your clients get exposure by Instagram.

3 Online Business Ideas You Never Heard

You will be able to get patients to doctors who need help with their digital marketing.

Currently, Instagram is the social network where you share the largest images in the world. With more than 700 million active users, it has the great potential of attracting the masses to your business.  

There are hundreds of digital agencies dedicated to this and have achieved great results for their customers.

But you have the mission to create something really unique.

Let it stand out from the competition. And make people excited.

It’s not easy to be an artist-to generate ideas- to achieve great things through Instagram.

When you make others feel that your service is indispensable, customers will come and multiply.

Start to start with this idea, and you will be in the business of the future.

What other business ideas do you know? Get to work and change your personal history.

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