20 Tools to Remotely Run a Company (P1)


Globalization and the incorporation of new technologies have greatly influenced the management of companies over recent years. On the one hand, more and more people work remotely from home.

Furthermore, managers of companies with presence and international projection tend to travel a lot, to the point that in some periods, spend more time outside the office than in it. That telecommuting, workers, and managers, can pose some challenges, especially communication and coordination internally. Fortunately, today, there are a number of technological tools that allow us to minimize these challenges. Here are some of them.

List of tools

1. Basecamp

Basecamp has everything you need for teamwork and project management distance: a space to store and organize files, a space to communicate with team members through chats, a space planning in which setting targets, tasks and time frame for a space style forum to raise issues for debate and a space in which to create to-do lists.


With it, we can manage and track a team or project from anywhere. In addition, it is available in both Web version and in the form of application for iOS and Android, allowing us to run our business even from the mobile phone.

2. Boomerang


This tool allows us to schedule sending an email for later. This is especially useful when our employees or customers are in other countries with different time zones. With Boomerang we can write an email and shipment schedule for the date and time you want your recipient receives it.


It also allows us to set reminders if no response to any mail in a stipulated time. It works with Gmail as an extension of Firefox, Chrome and Safari browsers. It is also available for Android.

3. Dropbox

This tool allows us to have our files stored on a sort of hard drive in the cloud so that we can consult them or edit them from anywhere. It is an essential tool if we work from different sites to always have on hand all our work. Moreover, Dropbox allows us to share certain files with others, so that we not only show our work to anyone, even if it is far away but also give you edit permissions work together on the same file. It also has versions for mobile devices and synchronizes information between different devices.


Other tools: Google Drive, Box or OneDrive.

4. Join.me

This software allows virtual meetings and shares the screen of your device with the guests at the meeting. In general, those who have used it are its simplicity and ease of use; and reliability. Due to its characteristics, Join.me is ideal for holding remote meetings with customers and employees.5

5. Skype

It is ideal for voice and video calls, especially in international environments. With it we can communicate with our company if we travel, with employees working for us at a distance, with customers, etc.; from anywhere without having to deal with high phone bills. In addition to the Web version, Skype has applications for iOS and Android. An equivalent tool could be Google Hangouts.

In addition, Skype Number activating the function, we can make a local phone number from Skype so they can call us wherever we are. There are up to 24 countries to choose from.

6. LogMeIn

The tool LogMeIn allows us to access our desktop computer and control it remotely from anywhere, something very interesting if we are in another country or kilometers away.

7. Trello

This application is ideal for teamwork because it enables us to create boards to organize any task in which we are working, indicating what tasks need to be performed, who is responsible for each task and in what order should be made; and checklists to keep track of the tasks performed.


Thus, all team members will know what to do at all times. It is also possible to upload photos, videos, and PDF files and leave comments for other colleagues. Trello is compatible with iOS, Android and Kindle Fire, among others. In addition, all stored information is synchronized between devices, so you can access it from anywhere.

8. Evernote

Evernote is a tool ideal for annotations. We can dictate notes quickly and organize them using tags. It also allows us to develop checklists of things or pending tasks, set reminders or to capture any web content; and we can see all that information stored on any device, thanks to its synchronization function.

9. Mindmeister

With this tool, we can make mental maps to graphically see our work planning of a project, etc. The advantage of this tool against similar, as Freemind is that Mindmeister allows us to share with others the mental maps we have created for teamwork.

10. Toggle

Toggl is a tool for time management . With it, we will not have to write down on paper the start and end of each activity. This tool automatically controls how we invest our time and shows us very clearly with graphical form. It is ideal for remote work and to calculate and increase the productivity of a team. It works even without Internet connection and is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux; and mobile devices with iOS and Android.

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