11+3 Ways to Get More Clients in Times of Crisis | Business Tips and Tricks

11+3 Ways to Get More Clients in Times of Crisis | Business Tips and Tricks | tinobusiness.com
11+3 Ways to Get More Clients in Times of Crisis | Business Tips and Tricks | tinobusiness.com

In today’s global economy, you can not listen to radio, watch TV or read a newspaper without seeing bombarded by a lot of news about monetary problems there today and how they affect the smooth operation of business.

Therefore it is important that if you want, not only avoid the crisis, but also take advantage of this economic downturn, you realize that this recession is a widespread perception than reality. We all agree, that many people have lost their jobs, have trouble paying your bills and even lose their homes. However, even during these times of recession, there are a lot of people who have jobs and live their lives normally.

Taking advantage of this situation…

A businessman who realizes this, will see a great opportunity in front of him. It is your responsibility to seek those who need your products and services, why do they need and how economically viable for them to buy.

Taking advantage of every opportunity you have to get new customers and keep you currently have, as this will help to improve the situation of your business, regardless of the economic situation in which your country become involved. Then we will give you 11+3 different ways to get new customers in this economy.


Increase your opportunities

Tips to increase your chances of getting more customers and keep loyal customers you have today.

    1. Do more face-to-face with your customers: although many companies base their business system telemarketing and contact hundreds of people every day, if you want to get quality clients you will meet with a few customers daily face to face, as this increases your chances of getting them and them to know and love you.
    2. Check your customers: Make it a habit to check that each of your customers are satisfied with the product or service that has been offered. Contact them and ask questions related to what you are offering and their level of satisfaction.
    3. Contact small customers: even customers will give you a lower volume of sales, it can become a great business opportunity, so you should never discard.
    4. Follow up after finishing work: once you’ve completed the sale with a customer, make a periodic monitoring of this check if the client needs more. This can give rise to new acquisitions by the customer or a known of this.
    5. Have a plan of action: it is important not to launch the search for customers without a strategy prepared before carefully prepared for the occasion. You must know every aspect about the company that you are contacting and thus increase their chances of success in selling your product or service.


Control your prospects

When trying to get new customers, it is important to keep a tight control on everything you do.

    1. Respond quickly to your customers: if one of your customers has contacted you, either by e-mail or telephone to ask something about your product, it is important that you respond as soon as possible.
    2. Confirm all your appointments: before going to see a client – is important to confirm your presence at the meeting, as this character demonstrates professional of you, at the same time prevents you go to appointments that are not important.
    3. Control your potential customers: when you have a list of possible business that will interest your product or service individually check each of your needs. Although this seems to be a hard work, the rewards of doing a good job at first will give fantastic fruit during negotiations.


Control of finance

There are some entrepreneurs who can not afford to take your business to the next level. Therefore, we recommend some of these tips:

    1. Have a closed budget: is important to know the total cost that will mean going to contact or made public in advertising, since it will deal with these expenses before jumping into the market.
    2. Specific problems: sometimes, some specific problems arise when we have little cash, so that now you can use a credit fast. It is important that not routinely used because it has a high rate of interest.
    3. Cost control: if you want to avoid unnecessary expenses in your business, you must have accounts up to date and see what aspects are spending too much and in which you can save.


Take control over what can be controlled

It is very important that the time to get more customers try to control all aspects of the business that has no chance of them and thus increase the chances of success.

    1. Be positive: when you get in contact with a potential client is very important to have a positive mental state and confidence, as this will convey a message of security to the prospect.
    2. Offer the best deal: When you are making a presentation of product or service, it is important to always give your customers all the gratitude and attention it deserves. While a client is small, you should make every effort to accommodate the needs of your customer.
    3. Be creative: many companies receive dozens of representatives that offer products, which must be distinguished from them being as creative as possible during the presentation of their product.

If you use these tips, you surely will be able to increase the number of clients you currently have and keep all those customers who have gotten in the past. Use them wisely and see how your business is considerably improved its results in the coming months.

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