10+2 step to go from employee to entrepreneur

10+2 step to go from employee to entrepreneur | tinobusiness.com
10+2 step to go from employee to entrepreneur | tinobusiness.com

You may be tired of your job and think it’s easy to become an entrepreneur, you only need to quit your job and start a business. It is possible to transform worker owns a company, but is a more complex process than you think.

10+2 step to go from employee to entrepreneur | tinobusiness.com

Here are the 12 Steps to become your own boss:

1. Determine what you enjoy doing. Some call this finding a passion, but it is much more than that. Think about your skills and experience. Consider what you could be doing every day, for weeks and years without getting bored.



2. Think about on what things people spend money. A good business comes from the combination of your passions and what people pay.


3. Interview with ideal clients. Find some people who you think might buy your product and ask them about their needs, fears and aspirations related to the business idea that you bring in mind. Notes what kind of words to be used, this will help to make your marketing more automatic.


4. Design business plans and marketing. Today, the marketing required to consider the creation of content, use of social networks, management of promotional emails and more. Make sure you know how you will use these alternatives to present your idea to consumers. At the same time, it is developing a business plan detailing on how you plan to make your venture work out. It doesn’t neet to be very formal, but must contain an operating structure, the delivery system of your product and your expansion plans.


5. Test your small-scale business. If you can, make your idea exams while you keep your day job. This provides a low-risk opportunity to consider whether your business can stand before you leave your job security.


6. Collect feedback. The previous section will help you determine which parts of your idea are great and which ones need adjustments. Takes seriously all comments you receive and make the necessary changes before growing your business.


7. Assemble a team. Once you know that your idea is viable, it is time to determine what type of people you need to make it a success. Depending on your personal experience, you may need help in areas such as finance, marketing, customer service or production.


8. Ensures your finances. If you only want to run a small business, it may suffice to your savings. But if your aspirations are bigger, you should think about how to get foreign capital.


9. Set the structure of your company. First of all, you must decide what kind of company you want to manage, as a corporation. Defines very well what role, if investors decide tenerlos- and be sure to keep in order all the necessary paperwork for the IRS.


10. Leave your job. Once you’re ready, resignation. It may seem like a great break after all the effort and time you’ve invested in your project, but feel that more work awaits. And although it seems tempting, do not leave on bad terms of your work. You never know when you might reacquaint yourself with bosses and colleagues in the future.


11. Set a budget. Whether you work is full-time in your business, it is time to put a list of expenses including marketing payments, wages, major purchases, and so on. Just make sure not to use on frivolous things.


12. A work. Finally, it is time to implement the plans you developed. It is quite possible that these change over time and you should overcome obstacles arise, but you did it. You are an entrepreneur.

You see, being your own boss requires hard work, even before you can consider leaving your job. However, if you follow the steps above and your business idea is still feasible, then you can leave your life of the employee.



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