10 Projects for innovative businesses that are today a winning

10 Projects for innovative businesses that are today a winning | tinobusiness.com

Each company is different and unique, otherwise they could not succeed in business in the same niche. Companies that were once business projects are now large companies, thanks to which risked implement innovative ideas that are a reality today.

forget-your-customers-develop-innovative-business-modelsInnovative ideas are like shooting stars is not known whether they will explode in the sky or go to strike on land, but if they leave a deep impression. The same idea can be implemented by two different companies with different results, what works for one may not necessarily work for another. The innovation is always a risk, because innovation is synonymous with experimentation, which gives you a sense of doubt. We must be aware of that before executing a project of innovative business, as well as measuring and evaluating the amount of money you could get.

Also you should know that the innovative business projects always start looking forward, but on the road is easy to lose that status and fall into a rut losing focus of the matter and energy that made them to take off. To keep innovative projects underway, you can do the following:


  • They should present the results clearly for the business project.
  • Candidates must be able to present project ideas in nontechnical language.
  • All equipment involved must have the same idea in mind to achieve the same results.

Here are the 10 projects of innovative businesses that are now a reality:



Before they were only used by miners during the golden era of gold mining. Now is a global trend that never ends. The potential is to give the people something casual to wear something that makes them feel comfortable yet strong.


Music videos

The initial idea was to use them as marketing tools to sell music, but when it changed and became creative products using the art of using all became a worldwide success. The innovative potential is stop selling to display value.



The idea was simple, sell and buy products on a small website. The potential of innovative idea was the active participation of users in the transaction. Today is the most popular auction site in the world.


Social networks 

First, the idea that they were used by groups had closed, but the popularity was such that expanded to take over all the web. The potential is in power sharing.


Reality Shows

Projects television series have always had an innate success, but to make them part of reality, these grew immensely. Telling true stories with real people and everyday experiences of life itself made the difference. The power of this idea is that we all know that acting is sincere and you identify with the stories and characters.


Covers and media

The discs, videos, movie posters and packaging have always been used to advertise, now the trend has changed and have become objects of art that are the delight of collectors. The potential is to allow the user to have something unique and special edition of your favorite singer.



The music business moves million a day through this portal that had the innovative idea to offer songs for less than a dollar, something unthinkable in the early days because creating a musical piece is not so cheap. The potential is attracting customers who do not have large incomes.


Adsense and Adwords

Google changed the way of doing Internet searches giving more accurate results through the use of PageRank, and innovated doing profitable business with their Adsense and Adwords programs. The potential of this idea is to allow almost any editor earn money with the visits and advertising of your website, and companies can advertise almost any cheaper.



Before 2000 this business was not possible because they simply did not exist, so first I had to do was create the market through a small device, smartphone, a kind of micro-computer that appropriate programs needed, applications were born there. The applications business currently moves million at a price of less than a dollar each. The potential of this innovative excellent idea is to have involved independent programmers to win-win.

Green business 

Today people are more aware about environmental protection and industries have created new business models to exploit this trend. Now there are all-electric or hybrid and clean vehicles. The potential lies in the welfare of the people.




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