10+ Examples of video mapping led by big brands | Branding Tips

10+ Examples of video mapping led by big brands | Branding Tips | tinobusiness
10+ Examples of video mapping led by big brands | Branding Tips | tinobusiness

The way we see the video projections has been changing in a format that makes and artists have taken to have a closer relationship with your followers.

The video format is being re-contextualized by the “projection mapping” spatial augmented reality or “video mapping” as is generally known, an artistic and technological expression through large-scale projections of video on fixed surfaces, complete deconstruct buildings recreating sensations of motion and optical illusions that mimic the three-dimensionality. You can find multiple applications of this technique in art, music, and theater play, that drive viewers to interact.

Different companies have begun to take advantage of artistic content and “video mapping” for intervening spaces in cities around the world and provide the public with an entertaining and away from conventional advertising audiovisual experience treatment possibilities.

Then we share 10 examples of outstanding brands that have decided to use this tool and captivate with surprise, admiration, euphoria or joy:

Building Nike- Twist (2012)

To launch the online courts ‘Nike super-soft free’, made a projection on the Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse building in Japan. Spectators could control the movements of the projection through a shoe that was connected to different pressure controls and a plate of Arduino.


Burberry- Beijing (2011)

For the opening of its flagship store in Beijing, the British brand designed a fashion show where the line between the physical and the virtual scarcely distinguishable (see 11:44 minute video)

Adidas- France (2011)

For the campaign “Adidas is all in ‘, an epic projection of different sports in the’ Palais di Pharo” in Marseille, France was developed.

Louis Vuitton (2013)

Projections “video mapping” are not always on symbolic buildings and this time the surface of a trunk was used to show the evolution of the brand Louis Vuitton: this film recreates the visual history of the famous luggage that have captivated more than one from the beginning of the brand.

Explosive Nike- water projections (2011)

For the launch of the Jordan Melo M8 shoe, basketball player Antony Camelo, Nike had decided once again to the experiential marketing and breathtaking projections made on water in the Hudson River in New York.

Sony-Realtime (2011)

At the launch of the video store Play Station, Sony turned to the Studio Output and Marshmallow Laser Feast agencies in UK storytelling with ‘cinematic experiences’. The production team created a completely white enclosed space where different environments were projected.

Frighten Interactive System (2013)

The technology company Asus designed a skateboard ramp to project upon it an interactive “video mapping” that was connected with the movements of the skaters. Since the beginning of the video, production and logistics of this creative proposal shown.

Samsung- Explore Your Dual World (2012)

For the launch of the smart phone Galaxy S Duos, Portugal, Samsung developed a projection on the face of a man. His physical appearance was transformed by moving images that printed the identity of different characters.

Nike- Balance sneaker (2011)

Hayoung Jung created a proposal for the 1300 New Balance tennis, showing the choices of colors and designs related to shoes. At the beginning of the video part of the production that manages to deceive the viewers with an alternative reality shows.

Ralph Lauren 4D Experience (2010)

Ralph Lauren reached hundreds of urban viewers using this event as experiential communication tool to celebrate a decade of digital innovation.

The brand used the facades of landmark buildings in New York and London as backdrops to tell their transformation and development since its inception. The show tells a story and fits perfectly into the details of the surface, which undoubtedly raised the level of the projections that had been done at the time.

Companies are clear about their challenges and explore how to capture the attention of fans, to stand before the shortage of time and information overload stalking customers. No doubt the “video mapping” is essential to reinforce identity, shared values and experiences express tool, so bet to change display formats for content on the streets, opens a new space to companies within cities.

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