10+ Disadvantages of advertising on TV

10+ Disadvantages of advertising on TV | tinobusiness
10+ Disadvantages of advertising on TV | tinobusiness

Television offers visual alternatives so you can invest or bet on advertising. Television advertising is, according to the reference site, all kinds of persuasive communication that promote an end, a service or concise idea, trying at all times to attract consumers to the idea of a product advertised influencing their purchasing decisions. More and more local and international channels that foster means for SMEs to invest in advertising and consumer choice there.

Disadvantages of advertising on TV



With the benefits that this can bring us a number of disadvantages for those who invest or decide on television advertising arising. Should consider as a first step, the risk involved investing a large amount of money in proportion to the effectiveness that can be achieved.

High Cost

It is a medium for many advertisers high cost compared to other alternatives that many can access. That is if it is to have a high impact, must first have a good consultant or specialist company to help in the venture, which will require even higher investment.

Quality guarantee

The announcements/ad made on a low budget production can tarnish against products with a large budget that can make a good spot. The latter aspect not to leave without studying and in some cases can compete with your ad if it was the same item, subtracting value to your product or service.


It is important not to accept low-quality proposals to reduce costs if it intends to be successful. The savings is not worth the damage it can cause a mediocre production to the image or perception of your product. If you first start, you evaluate costs and takes a while for the analysis because the options are varied.

ID ?? “target”

The alternative seems to be more effective advertising in programs or channels that relate to your proposal, that target the audience you want to target, you need your products or services. Note that there are constant changes in programming schedules will not help in this regard, so you should discuss this point with your poster in advance.


It is customary that when you go to ‘commercial’ viewers change channels, and it is the increasingly common practice of zapping due to the wide range of proposals. All of which greatly it affects advertising, plus the disbelief of many people plagued propaganda platitudes that do nothing but, in many cases bore the viewer.

Clarity of the message

The ad message can be lost in the maelstrom television. Change the channel or decrease the volume during commercial breaks is a common habit among viewers, losing the reception of messages. So, the idea may not be so clear and the objective is not reached.

Prime time

Spaces for placing ads within the program are getting closer again. Your ad can be the first, fourth or last, which can affect the level of attention of the viewer, thus reducing the value of your investment. Maybe, if your choice is television, it’s most profitable to invest in further distribution of the product.

Responsibility and awareness

We must be responsible for the media to publicize as its scope is very massive and can be as effective as damaging if not aware that any means justifies the end is taken. The power wielded by the media in a community can be a tool of fragmentation even when that is not the goal.

Ephemeral creativity

The so rapid nature of the transmission of the message makes the impact. Viewers will not be made easy to understand and can lose, ephemeral, approach. Thus, creativity is a core value in your advertising, your dynamism, power and easy viewing synthesis are key in this regard.


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