10+ Competencies that Every Manager Must Have


A manager is a person in charge of guiding a team of work towards the fulfilment of the objectives of the company. His/her work is very important, because of the quality of the management depends on there being cohesion between the collaborators and that the organisation can reach its maximum level of productivity. These are some of the most important competencies that a professional who performs in senior management must possess:

1) Critical thinking:

In any company, problems arise, either as an isolated event or as part of a malfunction in the system. A good manager must be able to solve them, analysing the situation beforehand to understand its causes and effects.

2) Communication:

To be a leader you need good communication skills. It is the manager’s job to ensure that all employees are clear about their tasks and contribute to the achievement of the company’s objectives.

3) Creativity:

Companies require creative collaborators who always aspire to innovate in their work so as to stand out from the competition. The first to promote this creativity must be the managers.

4) Self-control:

A manager must be able to control their emotions and avoid reacting negatively to any kind of provocation.

5) Initiative:


It is very important that a manager knows how to recognise good business opportunities and is willing to take risks to take the company on a good path. In many opportunities, you must take the initiative, even if it involves making difficult decisions.

6) Intuition:

A manager is likely to have to face situations where he or she will not have all the information available. In such cases, it requires great intuition to make the decisions that are most convenient for the organisation’s objectives. However, to develop this skill requires a high level of knowledge and experience, because it is not a decision without thinking.

7) Capacity to plan:

This is one of the most important. A good manager is a person able to organise tasks effectively, set realistic deadlines and delegate tasks that take into account the capabilities of its employees.

8) Negotiation capacity:

Negotiations are essential in business. They are often used to reach agreements in different fields, such as finance, sales and even human resources. Therefore, a manager, regardless of the area in which he operates, must be a skilled negotiator.

9) Teamwork:

A good manager is not limited to delegating, but is involved and actively involved in the tasks necessary to achieve the goals of the company.

10) Leadership

The success of a company is sustained largely by the performance of its leaders. They are able to motivate their collaborators, contribute to their professional development and maximise their performance.

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