10 Business and Marketing Lessons I learned in this year

10 Business and Marketing Lessons I learned in this year | tinobusiness

Recently I had the opportunity to participate in the tenth edition of Expomarketing, the most important event in Latin America marketing. Thre were 2 days full of valuable shared by some of the most important figures in the world of marketing and business lessons.

Among the speakers participated

  • Marc Randolph – founder of Netflix
  • Uri Levine – founder of Waze
  • Porter Erisman – former vice president of Alibaba
  • Mike Walsh – author of “The Dictionary Of Dangerous Ideas”
  • David Gomez – founder of well thought out
  • Kipp Bodnar – HubSpot CMO and other leading experts.

I want to summarize my experience at the event through the lessons of Marketing and Business more important than listen. Sure each of these lessons will open your mind to a world of possibilities.

1. “No one can know whether an idea is good or bad without seeing it in action.” Marc Randolph, co-founder of Netflix

Netflix currently arouses great admiration and certainly one of the cases of most interesting enterprise web, but when it was born, in the year 1997, the idea of offering movies and TV shows on a subscription model, was not very interesting. In fact, when Marc Randolph came up with the idea even existed DVD format, which was discarded. But later came the DVD and Netflix born to rent and sell through Internet DVD movies.

From that initial business model, the company suffered several pivots to become the largest platform for content on demand of the web.


Marc Randolph says not proud of being smart; in fact, 99% of his ideas were bad. But he is proud to have been optimistic. He always believed in ideas enough to test them.

2. “When you’re starting out you have to choose to do one thing and do it very well.” Marc Randolph, co-founder of Netflix

At some point in history, 90% of company revenues came from the sale of DVD’s and only 10% of income, however, the founders thought that at any moment Amazon start selling DVD’s and his model business would be unsustainable. They had the great challenge of deciding between focus between what gave them money now or potentially be a sustainable business model long term.

The decision was to build a long-term business model. Income focused and sacrificed short-term profits. It was a tough decision, but in the end, things went well. The fact of focusing on one thing allowed them to consolidate and scale sustainably.

3. “When you reach the top of the pyramid without purpose, you realize that there is nothing” Nicolas Reyes, director of Dale Carnegie Training Colombia

Do not ask only what you want to do, but also why you want to do.

4. “Competition can copy your products and services but can never copy the way it relates to its customers.” David Gomez, director of Good Thought

David Gomez invites us to create memorable experiences as a strategy to differentiate itself from competitors. The idea is to surprise with details that love in critical points of contact with the customer. This is not to sell a product, but creating a relationship.

5. “If you measure everything by sales, nothing works.” Tristan Elosegui, author of Marketing Analytics

Both companies focus on buying, they forget what is before and after the process. Sales are important, but should not be the only element to measure our marketing strategies. Remember that marketing is not just to sell, but also to educate, inform, connect, persuade and interact.

6. “Platforms like Airbnb and Uber are not the future, but are the beginning of the transformation” Mike Walsh, CEO of Tomorrow

Mike Walsh made an invitation to change the focus and see platforms like Airbnb and Uber as the beginning of the whole process of transformation is happening in the world. The idea is to understand what happens behind these platforms and from there build the products, services, and strategies for businesses.

7. “It is not about finding influencers with many followers, but to find those with relevance, resonance and reach.” Fernando Anzures, author of Social Influence Marketing

Fernando Anzures explain the concept of Social Influence Marketing , emphasizing that more effective marketing is building connections. Every decision we make has been influenced by someone in some way.According to the author, we are in the era of socialization of things.

8. “The meaning of the product is individual for each person” Erik Saelens, author of The Story Wars

Brands are concepts that are created in the minds of people. A brand is not a color, a name or logo; is the set of emotions and feelings with meaning that is created in the minds and hearts of consumers.

Erik Saelens at the end of his gift to all conference attendees ebooks written. You can download them here. All are in English but are full of valuable marketing lessons.

9. “No longer is B2B or B2C. Now there is only the H2H: human to human “ Alex Aldas, director of Aldasbrand

The work of brands is currently creating contexts for consumers generate and share attitudes and emotions.Customers no longer want to interact with companies, but human; They want to feel that there is a company behind human who listen and understand.

10. “eBay may be a shark in the ocean, but I am a crocodile in the Yangtze River. If we fight in the ocean, we lose; but if we fight in the river, we win. “ -Porter Erisman, former vice president of Alibaba

Porter Erisman quoted his former boss Jack Ma to explain that Alibaba seeks always compete on the ground that they were strong. A valuable lesson in business strategy and definitely worth looking into and apply .

Well, I hope you enjoyed this collection of lessons, but to be honest, there were many other interesting lessons that escape me now, but I’ll be sharing in future publications. Is there anything you would share with us on this?

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